Love in full bloom

Chapter 15 An unruly sister-in-low

This seemed to be her way of saying hello.
Mo Qinyu didn't care. She had been used to the mocking eyes.
In the Qin family, only old Mrs Qin's smile was real and warm.
The others looked at her as if she were a bedbug crawling out of a slum, and thought that she married
here in order to beg their charity and pity.
"You came home alone. Where's your boyfriend?"Qin Yichen asked while flicking through a magazine,
as if he was deliberately changing the subject so she wouldn't give Mo Qinyu much attention.
"He's gone home and he's coming to visit us tomorrow."Qin Yiman shrugged and smiled. "do you think
we should prepare for my wedding or yours first?"
"Of course, yours first."A deep voice came from upstairs.
Mrs Qin looked at her daughter with a loving smile on her face.
"I have already asked someone to calculate it. Yichen and Qinyu are not fit in horoscope to marry this
year, so they will have to wait until next autumn. You and Rufeng are suitable to marry this year.”
She had no intention to hold a wedding for her son and Mo Qinyu, who was a low, mean and greedy
woman like Mo Qinyu was unqualified to be Qin family’s daughter-in-law.
When she had the baby, when she had finished the old Mr Qin’s last wish and gave Old Mrs Qin a
explain, the woman could be sent away.
"Mommy, teach her more manners before the wedding. The country people are so rude that they don't
know the basic etiquette. That would lose Qin family’s face if she made jokes outside.” Qin Yiman
talked with the ultimate irony.
"Don't trouble her. Some things are born and cannot be learned.”Mrs Qin waved her hand and laughed.
She had no intention of training her as a wealthy family’s wife. Her purpose was to make a fool of her,
to shame her, to embarrass her, or how can she find some excuse to get rid of her.
"It doesn't matter whether you learn the formal things or not. Don't get too much of the stink of money,
that’s enough"The voice of Qin Yichen slowly floated out from behind of the magazine.
He remembered that this woman was very fond of money and she married here just for a dowry of ten
million yuan.

Mo Qinyu’s fingers tightened in her pocket.
There were only five words in her mind: Dogs look down on people.
Although she came from a third-tier city, she was not a totally stranger to the world.
The rich and noble families were just so so, there were still a pile of dandies who was gold and jade
outside, but foul inside.
She took a deep breath, silently digesting the humiliation.
Under the eaves, she had to lower her head, she had to endure and could not fight against them,
Waving the sleeves, the dirty gas they breathed out could be broke up and finally disappeared.
"I'm going to my room first."As she made her way upstairs, Qin Yiman’s voice came from behind again.
"there's a party at the king's club tonight. You and Yichen come together."
Mo Qinyu didn't want to attend the so-called upper-class party, and Qin Yichen seemed not intending to
take her.
After lunch he went out and did not return until the evening.
He spent the night at home only twice a week and was not expected to return tonight.
She was going to forget about the party, but she didn’t expect that there was somebody still
“Yiman asked you to go to the party. Why don't you start? It's impolite to be late."Mrs Qin said a little
"I...I'm just going to change my clothes."She ran upstairs in a hurry.
Now she had no choice but to the party.
She found a royal blue versace dress out of her closet.
When she came down, Mrs Qin's mouth curled up with a very deep sneer.
Qin family had a dress designer who made dresses for them, but she wouldn't let them make clothes
for Mo Qinyu, for she didn't deserve it.
No matter sparrow dresses how bright, it can not become phoenix, it is just a waste of things.
She had no ideas where the woman got out-of-season dress, but it suited her very much.
Let her go out and make a spectacle of herself, and then her husband would come back and scold her.

The driver sent Mo Qinyu to the door of the club.
The men and women inside stood at the top of the city's pyramid, while she crawled at the bottom.
They were in totally two worlds.
After entering, she found a quiet and dark corner, not wanting to be noticed by anyone.
She felt that she was insignificant, like a small stone, if being dropped in the water, she would be
instantly submerged.
Not really.
From the moment she came in, she was stared at by countless eyes.
Her beauty wasn’t able to be ignored, like a water lotus, pure, fresh and transcendent.
No powder and rouge, but she was still charming.
The aura floating out from her wonderful body made everyone feel comfortable, as if being purified.
But they didn't know who she was. She was in their sights for the first time.
Xu Ruochen shook the wine glass in his hand, the red liquid gently dancing in it, just like blood.
He was looking for the owner of the bracelet and did not expect that she appeared here.
Pang Xiaofan also saw her, her eyes were full of flames of hatred.
Damn the bumpkin, she harmed her being burned by boiled water, made Qin Yichen ignore her, she
wouldn't let her easy.
She said to Wang Yuanyuan: "Do you see that woman in the corner?She doesn’t been invited."
"How do you know?”Wang Yuanyuan raised her eyebrows.
"She is our company's newly recruited assistant, from the countryside, obviously poor, but also pretend
to be rich all day.She often buys the second-hand brand on taobao to pretend to be rich , look at the
dress on her body, she must buy it on Taobao.”Pang Xiaofan said wickedly.
"I hate this kind of person most, she needs lessons, I now go over to teach her now."Wang Yuanyuan
scorned and stretched out the middle finger.
Pang Xiaofan treacherously smiled, she liked to play knife to kill.
Mo Qinyu was watching around. She was nervous and panic, hoping no one could see her. She would
sit quietly for a while and then go back.

A waiter came a short distance away with a tray of wine.
Someone put out a foot in the darkness and tripped him so hard that he stumbled forward.
The wine glass tipped over and fell on Mo Qinyu’s skirt. The bright red liquid stained her skirt.
"I'm sorry, I'm sorry...”The waiter apologized profusely.
"Nothing."Mo Qinyu waved her hand and quickly wiped her skirt with a tissue.
Wang Yuanyuan sneered not far away, she tripped the waiter just now, it was unbiased, so great!
She turned around and called in two security guards.
"How do you guard the door, let dubious woman infiltrate in, hurriedly throw her out."Her voice was so
loud that she seemed to want the whole club to hear her.
Mo Qinyu stood up. “Are you talking about me?” she asked.
“who else could I refer to? It's a high-class clubhouse, an upper-class party, not a country bumpkin like
you can enter in.'Wang Yuanyuan said in domineering arrogance.