Love in full bloom

Chapter 14 You're just cheap

The car was enveloped in a somber hue.
Mo Qinyu huddled up with her knees like a shrimp.
She was still overwhelmed with grief and loss.
Qin Yichen's face was so gloomy that he snapped the small refrigerator and took out a bottle of ice
water, then pinched her chin rudely and forced a mouthful of ice water into it.
"Do you clear now?"
Mo Qinyu was choked and coughed for several times before she could absorb her breath.
She robbed the ice water from his hand and took several more gulps.
The cold water called back her reason, let her mood gradually calm down.
“I'm sorry!"She murmured.
"Mo Qinyu, tell me honestly, do you have intermittent psychosis?"Qin Yichen used the tone of
She was shocked and embarrassed. "No, no, don't get me wrong, I'm normal."
"What were you crazy about?"Qin Yichen sharpened his eyes,and he become extremely cold, the
anger of the heart became much more.
"I...I saw a people."She leaned back on her chair, her voice was low as a .mosquito singing.
Lu jin laughed in derision: "I think you have seen a ghost."
"Maybe it's indeed a ghost."She hugged her arms,with her cheeks turning to pale.
Qin Yichen slightly paused, then knocked her head irritatingly.
Did the woman damage her brain sleeping on the floor every day?
"Not done yet?"
"I'm not crazy, I mean it.The people I saw was my...Best friend.He was killed in a car accident three
years ago.But I saw him just now, he just stood there not far from the platform."Unconsciously, she
raised her voice and became a little emotional.
"His name is Cong?"Qin Yichen's eyes gradually deepened.
"Well."She nodded slightly.
“A man or a woman?”He frowned. His voice was calm, like the stream before a tsunami, moving slowly

and gravely.
When someone said the wrong words, it was bound to cause waves.
Mo Qinyu, who is still clear-headed, knew that if she said he was a man, she would surely arouse his
suspicion and cause unnecessary trouble. She had to lie,” Of course a woman, she is my only bosom
female friend.”
Qin Yichen's look turned to a little peaceful , “ Maybe you looked in the wrong?"
"No, I didn't. I know her so well that I could recognize her with my eyes closed.When I chased her to
the platform, I saw her entering the mall, then I followed her, but I couldn't find her.Do you think her
ghost has been back? She misses me and comes back to see me."She dropped her eyes, and a tear
fell from them, breaking on her back of hand.
When the car stopped at a red light, the driver turned around. "Madam, maybe it is really a ghost.
Tomorrow is Mid-July days.In my hometown, the dead ghosts would come back to visit their families
and friends on ghost day,. Burn more paper for her."
"Shut up.” Qin Yinchen glared at him. He was scared by him, then closed his mouth and dared not to
Mo Qinyu's heart sank into the abyss, if Cong saw her look now, will he be sad?
They once said they would get married after graduation, study abroad and travel around the world
In the last, she was left alone in hell and kept sinking.
The tears fell again, she sniffed to keep herself from crying.
Qin Yichen pinched her chin, picked up a tissue and wiped her face to clear all the tears.
"Don't cry, you are so ugly when you are crying, if grandma sees your look, she would think we are
"Don't worry, I'd say the sand got in your eyes."She sobbed.
"That's a lame excuse, only a pig like you would believe it."Qin Yichen flicked her head with serious
The hospital finally arrived.

After getting out of the car,Qin Yichen lifted her hand and pulled her stiff cheek to both sides. "Smile to
She sweated and shook off his hand. "if grandma sees you treat me so violently, she would be
"If you don't laugh, you'll never laugh in your rest of life."He spat out the threatening words one by one,
as if he were still angry.
She shivered and grinned wildly, her muscles tingled with an exaggerated smirk.
"Are you satisfied?"
"Very well.” Qin Yichen hummed, then he stretched his big hand to hold her hand and walk in.
Old Mrs Qin was an amiable person, she was quite different from Mrs Qin's arrogance.
Seeing old lady Qin, Qin Yichen smiled like a child, "grandma, I can finally come to see you. I miss you
so much."
"I miss you, too."Old lady Qin smiled. " Are you satisfied with the wife your Grandpa picked for you?"
"Yes, How can I have other ideas with the wife grandpa picked for me?" Qin Yichen’s smile was
charming, like sunlight on an iceberg.
Only in front of Old Mrs Qin could he smile like this.
This moment, Mo Qinyu had fallen into his smiling trap.
This is the legendary flash in the pan, no matter how beautiful it was,it could last only a short moment.
"Come here, Qinyu, come to grandma."Old Mrs Qin held out her hand.
Mo Qinyu walked over and took her hand. "Grandma, you must get well quickly. We will take you
"If you want me to get well soon, you have to give me great-grandchildren, and when my great-
grandchildren are born, I will be all right."Old lady Qin said with a smile.
She was a doctor herself, but a doctor could never cure himself.
"I will work hard for your recovery."Qin Yichen filially smiled.
"Qinyu,”Old lady Qin patted grandson’s wife’s hand. "you and Yichen have never met before, and you
have many places to get used to. Yichen is much like his great-grandfather in character, cold and

reserved. If he dares to bully you, you can tell me, and I'll teach him."
"Grandma, Yichen is very good to me, he is a piece of ice outside, but at home is a hot little sun.”Mo
Qinyu grinned and unable to close her mouth.
She even admired her ability to talk nonsense with a straight face.
"Like his great-grandfather in that way."Old Mrs Qin laughed.
She was relieved after hearing that.
To be honest, she was glad that Mo Qinyu married here, not Mo Mengshan.
She ordered people to Mo family to inquire, Mo Mengshan had an extravagant life, she was pampered
and capricious, so she was not the right candidate for her grandson’s wife. Mo Qinyu was a good
match for her grandson because she was kind, candid, plain and intelligent.
The two men accompanied the old lady to have lunch together, and then left during the lunch break.
The moment the door of the ward was closed, the smiles on Qin Yichen’s face disappeared, the smile
disappeared,only left coldness, as cold as usual.
Mo Qinyu criticized him in her heart , his face changing faster than turning over a book.
Back Qin family’s manor, she saw a new face, who was the twin sister of Qin Yichen, Qin Yiman.
She had striking beauty, and her long light brown hair was in the spotlight.
"Is this your cheap wife, Yichen?"She looked Mo Qinyu over and gave her a laugh filled with ridicule.