My Highland Mate

Page 46

Marcus was silent for a moment. “You’re thinking about it.”
“If you decide to leave, you’ll give me a heads-up? My parents considered leaving several years ago, but life improved once you took over.”
“If you have time, research the town of Middlemarch in the South Island of New Zealand. Anita’s so enthusiastic about the community, but it wouldn’t hurt to investigate from a wolf standpoint.”
“What if I ask Rowena to help with that part? I could keep the details general and say we’re thinking about a business opportunity and you’d like background before you take the discussions further.”
“Tell her to keep it on the down-low,” Rory warned. “I don’t want this getting back to my grandmother before I’m ready to act.”
“Your grandmother isn’t here. She left yesterday with a retinue of guards and hasn’t returned.”
Rory stiffened at this news. “Are you positive you didn’t miss seeing her return?”
“Everyone appears relaxed. When your grandmother takes charge, the wolves become tense.”
Rory pulled a face because he understood Marcus’s meaning. His grandmother possessed an uncertain temper. Staff knew to tread warily when she was in one of her moods.
“All right. Take care, Marcus. My wolf is uneasy, and I’m not sure if it’s because of Anita’s injuries or it’s something else.”
“How’s the sex?” Marcus asked, laughter in his voice.
“Mind your business,” Rory said without heat.
Marcus chuckled and hung up.
Rory smiled. The sex was incredible, and once he’d marked her, it’d become spectacular, but he couldn’t will away the nagging feeling assailing him. This oasis with Anita felt like the calm before a vicious storm, and he had no idea from which direction trouble might strike.