My Highland Mate

Page 36

His wolf growled while Rory grinned. “And if my wolf and I decide you should eat your words?”
“My cat and I say you should try. We’re not delicate freakin’ flowers.”
“I see. A standoff.” His laughter puffed warm air over her clit, and a noticeable shiver ran through her. A whine escaped his wolf, a reminder for him to hurry because they were depriving themselves, as well as Anita. This time, he licked with more purpose, and she rewarded him with a surge of moisture. He lapped and sucked at her clit until Anita shuddered under his ministrations.
“Yes,” she muttered, squirming beneath him.
Rory smiled against her flesh and slipped two fingers inside her. She groaned and raised her hips, silently urging him to do more. Aye, it was time. He upped his pace, curling his fingers to find the particular spot to drive her crazy. His tongue ran over her swollen nub, the hard dig of her fingernails into his back telling him she was ready. This time, he massaged with fingers and sucked simultaneously. Anita flew apart, unraveling as he tended to her needs. He eased back when her flesh ceased spasming and licked her honey off his fingers. Delicious.
“Rory,” she said. “Again. I ache and need you again.”
Surprised but pleased, he moved up the bed to kiss her. He guided his cock into position and slipped into her scalding heat. Rory stroked balls deep and pulled back, the driving thrusts sending his need spiraling.
“Yes, perfect,” Anita said, grasping his shoulders.
The play of emotions over her face pleased him—she wanted him as much as he craved her.
Rory drove into her, increasing his speed, seeking completion. He no longer had control, and his hips jerked with the hard strokes. Anita kept up with him, rising to meet each hard digging thrust. A thick slice of pleasure shunted from his balls and along his shaft, and an instant later, he exploded. His cock expanded and dug into Anita’s flesh, attaching and connecting them again.
Anita’s channel squeezed his shaft, the firm grip stealing his thoughts. Instead, all he could do was feel. A groan escaped him, his cock pulsing, the over-the-top sensations continuing for long moments. He was aware of Anita crying out, convulsing around his length.
Neither speaking nor moving, they held each other while their bodies remained connected. Anita must’ve dozed off because when his experimental tug let him, he could withdraw, and she never moved.
He didn’t understand the magic between them, but he refused to give up or walk away. Rory intended to fight for Anita, fight for their future, even if it meant walking away from his pack.