My Highland Mate

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A Promising Future
Anitagrewquietduring their dinner, but Rory suspected fatigue was the culprit. Lethargy was a problem for him. He hadn’t slept well since arriving at the gathering and spotting Anita. The woman filled his dreams, sleeping and waking, and now welcomed him into her bed, into her body.
His mate.
Even though he still needed to face his grandmother and wrestle back control, joy suffused him. This showdown had hovered on the horizon for some time, but he’d known any disagreement between them would cause ripples throughout the pack.
“Not hungry?” he asked.
“I was, but now I’m tired.” She shoved aside her plate.
Rory removed the partially eaten plate of roast beef before turning back to Anita. “Can I tempt you to have a few bites of dessert?”
Anita perked up, and he hid his amusement. “Chocolate?”
“The kitchen staff gave us two portions of Death by Chocolate cake plus clotted cream on the side.”
Her grin was a thing of beauty, which he accepted as approval. Rory picked up one portion of the cake, along with a spoon. “Let’s share and save the other for a midnight snack.”
“Are you staying the night?”
“Aye, if that works for you.” Rory met her gaze, only relaxing once he spotted her acquiescence. Thank God. He wanted to spend every moment with her and learn the small things that made her unique.
“It’s fine. Dessert.” Her eyes sparkled with enthusiasm.
He dug into the cake and offered her the first bite. She closed her pink lips around the spoon. Her eyes fluttered closed, and she made a humming sound.
Every muscle in Rory pulled tight, and he barely restrained his lustful groan. “How is it?” he asked, his voice hoarse.
Her eyes popped open. “Delicious.”
Without taking his gaze off her, he took a mouthful of dessert for himself. Chocolate and cocoa, featherlight mousse, and crunchy shards exploded across his taste buds.
“Am I right?” Her voice was low and husky and pushed his mind to long nights of satisfying sex.
“Aye, lass.”
They devoured the dessert mouthful by mouthful, never taking their gazes off each other. When they’d scraped the plate clean, they were breathing hard, and arousal swirled in the air. The best foreplay ever.
Rory stood and extended his hand. She placed her fingers in his, and he led her to the bed. He kissed her, slow and unhurried while exploring her mouth. Their breaths emerged in gasps by the time their lips parted. Rory worked her robe tie free and slipped the toweling off her shoulders. The fabric pooled at their feet.
“Let me help you undress,” she whispered.
Their hands collided, the process not exactly graceful, but soon they were naked. Rory scooped her off her feet and set her on the mattress, following her down. Their lips met, and their arms came around each other. Their lovemaking was slow and sweet, a symphony of strokes and intimate touches that soothed Rory’s wolf even as it aroused him. He nuzzled her neck beneath the curtain of black hair and lashed his tongue over the silky flesh. Despite the temptation, he avoided the marking site because Anita’s uncertainty was clear.
He could hardly blame her if what she’d told him was true. Rory experienced difficulty imagining the cruel rejection, but with his grandmother, anything was possible. His lack of memories of the event bothered him, but he boxed his worry and shoved it to the edges of his mind. Time for investigations later. Instead, he’d focus on Anita’s acceptance of him and bestowing the mating mark to connect them irrevocably as mates.
This feeling, the yearning, the rightness of their mating, was too important to make a fumble.
He took her mouth again and savored her happy sigh, the way she relaxed against him, her body soft and pliable. This time, he dawdled, exploring her rib cage, her tummy button, and testing the smooth skin of her inner thighs. Her unique flavor exploded over him. Her scent of flowers and feline and a faint hint of him. He inhaled that scent, wanting to recall it later when he was alone.
Her faint complaint made him smile.“Shush, lass. We’ll get there soon.”
To appease her, he shifted position and lifted her to his mouth. He teased her clit but didn’t give her too much stimulation.
“I’m strong,” she warned. “I could grab you by the ears and make you pleasure me. My strength is equal to yours.”