My Highland Mate

Page 32

“It’s nature’s way of confirming we’re true mates, even though I’m a wolf and you’re a leopard.”
“I’m not staying in Scotland. After the gathering, I’m going to Edinburgh with my friends and returning to Middlemarch.”
Just the thought of parting from her pushed anxiety into Rory, although he concealed his emotions and plastered on a poker face. He chose the expression he used while addressing pack youngsters about their pranks when he wanted to cackle aloud at their ingenuity. It was the one he also employed with his grandmother when she was attempting to tell him what to do—for the pack’s good.
Sudden fear nipped at Rory. What if Anita didn’t want to make love with him again? Now that he’d had her, tasted her, he craved more. It was time to consolidate their relationship foundations for the future.
“I sent my security detail home,” he said, the words flying from his mouth.
The irritation fled from her face, and she grew attentive. Okay. Maybe he’d tell her what he was thinking and go from there. He’d had no one to discuss pack business with apart from his grandmother, and she continued to tug at the reins even though he was officially in charge. He’d made a mistake at the beginning, not stamping his authority on the pack.
“Why did you do that?”
“I learned Hugh, the head of my security, is reporting to my grandmother. It’s not as if I need a security team. Times have changed. To fit in with modern society, we can’t have wars between species. Not if we wish to blend. I doubt if anyone would take over my pack for our wealth. We have the land, but most of it is mountainous and unproductive. We farm and we hunt, but that wasn’t enough to survive. I told you earlier—that’s why I specialized in furniture building and taught our pack youngsters a trade.”
“Your grandmother has always wielded power. I was aware of that from the moment I declared myself to you. She hustled me away from you so fast I suffered from whiplash.”
“I need to confront my grandmother. It hasn’t mattered that she hovers and second-guesses my decisions. This is my fault. It didn’t bother me as long as I could keep doing the things I enjoyed. All I wanted was to make my furniture and ensure my pack thrived.”
Rory sensed an easing of the barb and gave his hips an experimental wriggle. He felt the weight of a stare and met Anita’s brown gaze.
“Kiss me?”
“Aye.” That was a simple decision for Rory. Their lips slid together, and warmth suffused him. The rightness of having her in his arms. His erection eased, and he withdrew a fraction, discovering freedom of movement. Rory retreated before filling her again.
Anita rocked into his thrust, sighing as if the gentle move offered great pleasure. Arousal burst through Rory again, his dick filling and growing hard enough for a repeat performance. Since Anita didn’t seem to object, he set up an effortless surge and retreat, teasing them both until the heavy fog of desire swept them into a place where sensation ruled. This time, his release was more gentle but no less fulfilling. Anita didn’t come before him or with him, so he withdrew and licked her until she climaxed with a hearty groan.
“We didn’t lock together this time.”
“No. I’ll try to learn more about this, hopefully without receiving nosy questions in return,” Rory said.
“Do you want to share a shower?”
“You’re not kicking me out?”
“No. Not yet.” Her mouth twisted as she rolled to her feet. “For some reason, I find myself reluctant to part from you. My feline,” she added.
Rory nodded, not wanting to upset the fragile peace between them, but he made a silent promise that he’d speak with his grandmother soon. He tossed up calling her, then decided his original plan was best. He needed to see her in person and use every one of his wolf’s senses to determine if she was lying to him.