My Highland Mate

Page 30

“Yes,” Anita whispered.
“Are you always this indecisive?”
He grinned and kissed one pouting nipple before the humor left his face, and seriousness took over. Primal hunger flashed in his eyes, and Anita’s pulse jumped into a racy beat. He levered over her and parted her legs with a muscular thigh.
“I can smell your arousal, lass.” His Scottish accent was broader and more compelling now.
“Yes.” Because what more could she say? She lusted for him. Yeah, this was all about desire and carnal pleasure. Sure, tell yourself that, Anita. She forced her mind onto a different path because these doubt demons were passion killers.
Rory moved down the bed and cupped her buttocks, lifting her to his mouth. The first lick sent her flying, the slight roughness of his tongue coiling a sensual ache in her belly. He sucked at her clit, giving her gentle pressure as if he understood what she liked without her telling him. He slid one thick finger inside her and set up a rhythm. Everything in her grew tight and continued contracting until it became too much. The strum over her clit combined with the internal caress of his fingers, had her flying. Her orgasm broke, engulfing her in flaming pleasure. It took her long moments to float down and for her wits to return.
“Wow.” She offered Rory a tentative smile. “That was something.”
“Hold on, lass. We’re only at the start of our journey.”