My Highland Mate

Page 29

“Anita.” Rory purred her name. His big, callused hands cupped her face. He stared deep into her eyes, and she saw his wolf reflected at her. He touched his lips to hers, and she stiffened until he employed gentleness and coaxing. His fingers skimmed her back and settled on her hips. Rory deepened the kiss, and Anita found herself powerless to stop him. Her feline purred with satisfaction, ecstatic to have the mutt kissing her now when she’d been spitting and agitated earlier.
Anita tried to step away and opened her mouth to speak and object. Nothing happened. Instead, she sighed and locked her hands around his neck, pressing their bodies closer until his chest crushed her breasts.
The kiss morphed from sweet to demanding, sweeping Anita along with the firestorm. She forgot her objections, hurt feelings, and anger and let herself wallow in the desire and the sensation of powerful arms surrounding her. Protecting her.
Anita closed her eyes and felt herself floating because Rory had swept her into his arms and placed her on the bed. His hands skimmed with purpose, with skill while he continued his assault on her mouth. Right where she wanted to be, she decided, and the loud purr from her feline confirmed this thought. Even if they couldn’t be together, they could have this one snatched moment.
Something for her to recall on those quiet nights when she was alone. Or at least that’s what she told herself.
“Anita,” he said, breaking their kiss. “You’re sweet. So addictive.” He pushed out a heavy breath and pressed his forehead to hers. “We should talk more before we go further. Can you tell me what happened back then?”
Anita stared up at him, taking in his blue eyes and his brown hair with its hints of red. She ignored his request, not wanting to end the magic that bubbled through her. She reached up to run her fingers over his stubbled jaw. “No talking. Not now. Rory, no amount of talking can fix this. We want different things. Can’t we enjoy this moment together?” She was almost surprised to hear her words, then went for it. She’d have sex with him, and tomorrow, she’d walk away knowing she’d done the right thing.
For her.
For both of them.
A furrow appeared between his brows, and she thought he might argue. He stared at her for a fraction longer before shaking his head. “This is probably a huge mistake, but I’m desperate to touch you, to make love to you.” And saying nothing more, he lowered his head. His breath caressed her cheek, then their lips collided, clung. A hungry little noise escaped Anita, but she was beyond caring.
All she wanted was him.
Consequences be dammed.
The sleek thrust of his tongue against hers told her he was getting with the program. The sultry promise in the stroke of his hands and his hot intent gained her approval. Her feline’s too.
“Too many clothes,” she gasped.
Rory’s eyes glowed, his wolf close to the surface. He levered away from her and unbuttoned his shirt. After shrugging it off, he unfastened his kilt and tossed it aside. He wore nothing beneath his tartan, and Anita admired the work-hard muscles as he returned to the bed. His erect cock displayed his desire for her.
“Your turn to undress. I’ll help.” His hand hovered over the belt of the robe she wore, his eyes seeking permission.
The belt loosened, aided by a tug. Then his hands smoothed the toweling fabric aside to reveal her breasts and torso.
“Lift for me,” he whispered, and soon, she was as naked as him.
His gaze ran over her, leaving a tingling, prickling trail on her skin. He drew a breath, the ragged sound snaring her attention, and his hand trembled as he reached out to touch her.
“So beautiful,” he said. “I’m not sure where to start.”
“Everywhere,” Anita whispered. “Touch me everywhere.”
He swirled his fingers down her rib cage, and her heart lurched painfully. Rory eased himself back onto the bed and took a moment to kiss her again. She fell into the contact, and it took a second before she realized he’d cupped one breast while he invaded her mouth. His earthy, masculine scent surrounded her, leaving her aching for so much more. Sultry passion filled his features while he explored her breasts. Soon warm heat covered one globe, and he tongued her nipple, teasing it to a hard point.
Anita ran her hand down his back, testing his muscles, her fingers coming to rest on his butt. She squeezed and couldn’t help but grin with satisfaction.
Rory laughed and sucked on her nipple. Hard. Her breaths grew shallow, her stomach hollowed, and a moan rolled up her throat. She clenched her thighs together and fought the begging words that tried to escape. She wanted him—yes—but…
“Stop thinking. Let me show you how good we can be together. Please.”
Their gazes connected, the atmosphere electric between them.
“I can stop. We can get dressed and go our separate ways. Never see each other again.”
“No.” The word emerged before her brain engaged. She opened her mouth again to tell him she’d changed her mind. He should go. No. No, that wasn’t what she wanted. “Please don’t go. We should at least…”
“Follow the passion between us.”