My Highland Mate

Page 16

“No, I’m heading back to the castle,” Anita said. “I didn’t sleep well last night. An early night might help to prepare me for tomorrow’s activities. I need to psych myself into the right frame of mind to impress Saber.”
“I’ll walk back with you,” Edwina said.
“Me too,” Suzie said, standing. “We’ll catch up with you guys tomorrow at breakfast. Will that work?”
“Fine by me,” Liam said.
“Me too,” Scott said, another new arrival in Middlemarch and one of Saber’s cousins.
“It’s a date,” Ramsay said. “Want another beer?”
“My turn to buy the drinks,” Liam said, bounding to his feet.
Anita sensed a stare but ignored Rory. A flash of anger replaced her confusion. This wasn’t fair. He wasn’t acting fair. She wasn’t stupid enough to let him ruin her life a second time. No, she’d remain friendly and polite and nothing more. It was only a short visit.
Surely she could manage that without breaking her heart all over again.