My Highland Mate

Page 12

“Saber told me this was a learning process. It was no problem if we returned still single. I asked him because I didn’t want to feel beholden or suffer from stress.”
“Then what’s the point?”
“Saber wants us to chat with shifters and listen when they discuss how their packs cope with modern-day pressures,” Anita said.
“That’s why we need to report once we arrive back home.”
“Yup. We’d better head back otherwise, we’ll miss the start.”
The crackle of dry leaves had them spinning to peer into the tangled undergrowth. A large black wolf trotted out and, unconcerned with their presence, continued down the loch pathleading to the castle.
After several minutes, Ramsay said, “Did you hear the wolf coming? Smell him?”
“No,” Anita said. “The breeze was blowing away from us. Do you think he was eavesdropping?”
“Why? He’s probably out for a walk like us. I keep forgetting we have the freedom to shift at will here. Everyone is a shifter, so it doesn’t matter if we walk on two legs or four.”
Anita reached for Ramsay’s hand and tugged. “Come on. One of us has to win this luxury holiday. The Feline Council could raise funds for the community by raffling it off.”
Ramsay grinned and squeezed her hand. “Always thinking. I like that in a woman. It’s a pity you feel more like a sister.”
Anita gave him a brief hug before dancing two steps in the castle’s direction. “Come on. Maybe one of us will fluke it and find our mate. Stranger things have happened.”