Captivation: Want Nothing But You

Chapter 534: She Would Do It

Upon hearing what Odin said, Victor stared coldly at him. Odin remained unbothered as he pulled out a
chair and sat by the bedside, revealing a smug grin. “Oh, you should be disappointed to see that I‘m
still alive.”

“You were the one behind the Baltimore project,” Victor said in a calm voice. Odin leaned back slightly
and admitted it.

“Well, that‘s correct, but you should know it‘s not entirely my fault. You are also to blame here. Clearly,
you‘re not a good judge of character. You see, the person in charge of purchasing was too greedy and
disloyal. I gave him a little benefit. He agreed without hesitation and tampered with the purchase list.”
Victor remained composed and said in a low voice,

“Do you know his daughter is dead?” Odin thought Victor couldn‘t see a person‘s true colors. How
could this heartless man refer to it as just a little benefit? Perhaps it was true in Odin‘s eyes, but for the
head of the purchasing department, that little benefit was enough to save the very foundation of his

As soon as the accident happened, Carson sent someone to visit the director of the purchasing
department. The moment Carson‘s people entered the room, the director immediately knelt and
lowered his head. His daughter was lying in bed, with tubes all over her body. She was only seven or
eight years old, but she already looked worn out like a dead tree. The girl had a deadly case of

The little benefit that Odin mentioned was that he offered to get in touch with the most highly–sought
expert in the world for his daughter, who had successfully cured a patient with the same disease as the
little girl. The director was left with two choices. Loyalty or his daughter‘s life? He had been restless and
troubled for the whole night.

Through the window of the ICU, he saw his daughter lying in bed and struggling with each breath.
Turning his head to the side, he saw his depressed wife, who had aged significantly in just a few
months. She looked gaunt and cried each day. As the head of the family, he had his back up against
the wall.

Time was running out, and he had to act soon. The director knew he was in the wrong and that there
was no possible escape, so he didn‘t flee for his life. Instead, he waited at home for Victor‘s men to
come to him. Desperate and deeply exhausted, the man cried and confessed.

At last, he only hoped that Victor would let his wife and daughter go. Carson didn‘t judge when he
reported back to Victor. He did his duty and chose not to make things much more difficult for the man‘s
family. But in the end, the so–called authoritative expert was nowhere to be found. The director‘s wife
helplessly watched their daughter die. She couldn‘t bear the painful ordeal and fainted soon after.

The most frightening thing in life was not being stuck in darkness for a long time. The false hope that
came during the time of darkness was even more terrifying. In the middle of his suffering, the director
suddenly saw a beam of light appear in front of him. After struggling for so long, he was finally about to
seize a second chance for his family. But just as he was about to reach the glorious beam of light, he
suddenly came crashing down into a darker abyss. He could only watch in terror as the beam of light
passed through his fingertips.

The director‘s wife fell into a coma, and his daughter was pronounced dead. He lost his highly–coveted
job and eventually became a person hated by everyone in the industry. After enduring so much grief
and pain, the director couldn‘t take it much longer. He jumped down from a tall building and ended his
life once and for all. But now, the heartbreaking story was described by Odin as just a little benefit.
What a cold –blooded bastard! Family ties considered, Victor should also be a cold blooded man. The
entire Sullivan family was a group of ruthless individuals. At the very first moment Victor learned about
this, anger flickered in his heart. When Carson reported the whole situation, he sighed in

“What a pity! Odin is still the same as before. He doesn‘t care about people‘s lives. He is so cunning
that we can‘t catch him.” Hearing this, Victor blinked and casually signed some documents.

“Is his wife paying for the house by monthly instalment?”

“Yes. She has to pay twenty thousand dollars a month. The director was kind of irresponsible; don‘t you
think so? His wife hadn‘t been working for a long time. After he kill himself, she was left with a mess.
Twenty thousand dollars a month is too much for an unemployed person to afford. It‘s simply not
possible for her to pay on time,” Carson said with pity.

“Ask the personnel department to settle his project bonus this year. See to it that it is done

Sitting pensively, Victor added, “As for his daughter‘s death, the Sullivan Group‘s union shall pay the
pension. On top of that, I want you to give his wife an extra one hundred thousand in cash.”

“Uh, I‘m sorry. I’m not sure if I heard it right.” Carson mumbled in disbelief.

“You want me to do what? Project bonus and pension? Plus an extra one hundred thousand? By my
calculations, all this money is enough to buy a new house. Are you trying to help her out because she‘s
too pitiful?” Victor raised his eyebrows and said nothing. Carson dashed forward with a concerned face
and put his hand on Victor‘s forehead.

“You don‘t have a fever. Vic, are you out of your mind? Because of him, Sullivan Group is under
investigation. And you still want to clean up this mess for his wife‘s sake? Since when have you
become so kind and compassionate?”

Victor stared coldly at his friend and moved his hand away. Was he indeed becoming soft–hearted?
Carson‘s remarks brought him back to his senses. He had never done such a gracious deed for others
before, and he wouldn‘t forgive anyone who had betrayed him.

“Vic, I think you have changed.” Carson looked at him with astonishment. With a slight sneer, Victor
replied coldly, “That‘s what you said four years ago.”

“No, I mean you have become the exact opposite of who you previously were.” Carson explained
further, “Four years ago, I said you had changed. I could feel that your emotions were easily disturbed
and affected by Rachel. But now, I was referring to your change of character. Do you know how cold
blooded you used to be?”

Hearing his words, Victor clasped his hands together and remained silent.

“In the past, if someone was killed in your presence, you would simply mind your own business and not
give a damn. But now, not only do you give up punishing a traitor, but you also take out a sum of
money to help his wife. Do you understand what I‘m saying here? Vic, you‘re not the cold–hearted man
I once knew. Since when have you changed?”

Carson‘s hard–hitting question deeply embedded itself in Victor‘s mind. Victor didn‘t give an answer
back then. But at this present moment, the lingering question popped in his mind once again when he
heard that Odin viewed the life and death of that family as if they meant absolutely nothing. He didn‘t
know when, but he knew the reason why he had changed. It was because of Rachel.

He thought that if Rachel had known about the unfortunate situation, she would have done the same
thing he did. She was a woman who always gave off a cold image, but she always had a warm heart.

“Yes, I know about that. In fact, I also heard that the late director‘s wife is currently suffering from
depression and almost committed suicide herself.”

When Odin spoke, there was a wicked smile on his face. It was clear that he felt no remorse. Victor
kept silent.

“But it‘s a pity that she is still alive. I heard that she received a large sum of money from a generous
benefactor. It gave her so much hope that she wants to start over with a new life.” Odin leaned forward
with his elbows on his knees and his chin resting on his palms. He stared at Victor with great interest.

“Brother, I have a question for you.” Victor glared at him and said nothing. He pressed his thin lips
together in disdain. He didn‘t feel any family affection towards his brother, but only disgust.

“Who sent her the money? Her husband didn‘t have much to his name when he was still alive.” Odin
paused and asked with a disturbing smile, “Brother, why are you so kind?”