The Silent Alpha

Chapter 51: The Call

*** Jordan***

"Natalia..." I say anxiously.

"It’s me..."

There is a long silence on the other side and I find myself holding my breath as I wait for a response.

"How did you get this number?" Natalia growls, her voice seething with contempt and hatred.

"How do you have Nikki’s phone?"

I look over at the nervous she-wolf beside me, Nikki biting her nails anxiously as I try to find the words
to explain.It’s taken me over a week to gain Micah and Nikki’s trust and even longer to find the courage
to call Natalia and explain her predicament.

"I’ll explain later," I reply, my hands shaking as they hold the phone to my ear.

"We need to talk-"

"We have nothing to talk about," she snarls, the venom potent in her voice.

"Nat, I-"

"Do not call me that!" she spits back.

"In fact, don’t call me at all.You lost that privilege a long time ago.Whatever it is, leave me out of it.I
don’t care."

"But Christian has gone insane!" I argue.

"I don’t care about Christian or any of the Silver Crest wolves for that matter,"she snaps.

Leave me alone, Jordan.You're good Her words sting but I persist.This is too important.

"He knows about Dakota!" I cry desperately before she can hang up the phone and she gasps, the fear
evident in her voice.

"What did you say?" I sigh in relief now that I have her attention.

"He knows about Dakota.He knows you have a son, Luna-"

"Don't call me that!" She shrieks into the phone.

"Sorry,"I mutter apologetically.

"He knows you have a son.He knows you enrolled him in the little daycare center near your house at
the edge of town.He knows you work at the Poulsbo clinic as a medical assistant and at the masque in
the evenings as a waitress.He knows all about you and Dakota and he’s coming.He’s coming back for
his Luna and his pup."

"No," she whimpers, the frustration in her voice heart-wrenching.

"No.No.No! I was careful.I was so f*****g careful.How did he...How did he find me? And what about
Vanessa? Hasn’t she given him a pup by now he can use as his heir?"

"Vanessa is infertile," I sigh, a sudden burst of laughter coming from the other side.

"Ha, really?" Natalia giggles.

"Goddess, this is unbelievable."

"It’s not funny, Nat," I scold her.

"This is serious.Your sister has really messed s**t up-"

"And that is your own fault.Silver Crest chose her over me," to you because you still chose to protect
Christian and Vanessa.

Don’t come crawling back to me now that you’ve realized your mistake.It’s been over four years since I
left and now all of sudden, you call out of nowhere, expecting me to believe you’ve come to your
senses and realized you’ve made a mistake with Vanessa? Tch! f**k you, Jordan."

"Natalia, please, I’m begging you," I plead.

"Please listen”

"No," she snaps.

"I begged you to help me through my pain, to help me find a cure and you stood there and did nothing
for me! You mocked me with your silence and your lies.No more! I’m done helping you.I’m done with
Silver Crest.I'll figure out what to do on my own without your help.f**k you!"

She hangs up the phone before I have a chance to speak another word, not giving me the opportunity
to explain just how much danger she’s in.

If she refuses Christian, there’s no telling what Jack will do to her.I try dialing again, but the call goes
straight to voicemail and I find myself resisting the urge to fly out to California and search every city for

"Text her," Nikki urges.

"She's angry and upset so she won’t want to listen to you right now but once she cools off, she might
be more willing to at least read what you have to say.Even if she doesn’t answer, she needs to know
what’s going on with her ex and her sister." advice and I type out the text explaining Christian’s murder

I just hope Natalia is more willing to understand things in the morning.

"I’ll give Zane a text in the morning," Micah offers.

"He might be willing to listen and convince Talia to take this threat seriously."

Nikki and Micah had explained to me that he was Natalia’s second chance mate though she was not
very fond of him the last time they spoke with her.

According to them, he is a mute silver wolf who seems like a good guy.

It is a huge relief to know that Natalia is not completely alone and that she has someone to defend her
against Christian.I just hope this new mate treats her better than Christian ever did.

Having sent the texts, Nikki takes me to their spare room and as I get ready for bed, my phone rings,
Christain’s name flashing across the screen.

Ignoring him would seem too suspicious so I gather my thoughts quickly before answering.

"Yes, Alpha?" I say into the speaker.

"Do you have my mate?" He asks without saying hello.

Don’t tell him the truth, my wolf Adam, warns.

"Not yet, sir.She-"

"You have failed your mission."

"It’s not that simple," I explain.

"She won't even let me speak “

"Then force her to listen!" He roars into my phone.

"And then what, sir?" I scoff.

"Should I kidnap her?"

You are walking a very fine line right now, Adam snarls.

Don’t f****"*g blow it.

"What did you just say?" Christian snarls.

I gulp back my words as the rumble of Christian’s angry voice sends shivers down my spine.

"Nothing, sir," I reply quickly, my heart racing in my chest as I wait for his response.

"Listen to me very carefully, Jordan," Christian spits.

"You have three days.THREE f*****g DAYS, to figure out how to get my mate back to me or I will feed
you to my wolf!"

That’s not enough time, Adam barks.

"Sir, give me a week," I beg.

"If I don’t have her in one week, ’l lend my own life."He pauses for a moment before answering.


"Thank you, sir," I reply, nodding despite him not being able to see me.

I let out a tired sigh when he hangs up, allowing my body to crash on the mattress from pure

My heart races as I try to figure out what to do to keep Christian from searching for Natalia but I
ultimately allow my worries to melt away and fall into the darkness.

I awake to the sound of a knock at the door of my room, Nikki calling my name with desperation.

"Jordan!! Jordan, it's Talia!" she cries excitedly.

"She texted back!"

I’m up like a lightning bolt and spring to the door, nearly tripping over my jeans on the floor.

Nikki wears nothing but her robe and underwear, but I ignore her exquisite figure as I take the phone
from Nikki.She bites her nails as I read the text aloud.

"Call me in the morning. Tell me exactly what he knows,"

I read aloud, looking up at Nikki as I finish.

Wasting no time, I dial Natalia’s number, pulling Nikki into the room and slamming the door shut behind

The phone rings a few times on the other side and I pull on some jeans while I wait.

"Jordan..." Natalia’s voice comes through, a bit hoarse and raspy.


"Just tell me what he knows," she interrupts me.

"And how did he find me?"

Knowing she will likely hang up if I don’t get right to the point, I clear my throat and answer her

"He hired a private investigator to track down everything about you," I sigh.

"He was able to track your flight down to Wyoming and cross referenced that with your new name.How
he discovered that name is unknown to me," I shrug.responds.

"He found your public records related to the name ‘Talia Ramos’.That’s your home address, Dakota’s
birth certificate, your work addresses, Kota’s school address-"

"Does he know where I am now?" she suddenly asks, my mind blanking for a moment.

"No, he doesn’t know your current location, Lun-"

"Lam not your Luna," she snarls.

I nod silently, Natalia letting out an annoyed sigh.

"What exactly does he want with me?" she asks.

I choose my words carefully as I do not exactly understand my Alpha’s logic.

"He wants to reinstate you as his Luna and bring home his heir," I reply, a loud groan coming from
Natalia’s side.

"Why? Why can’t he just move on? What about his precious Vanessa?" She cries in frustration.

"What does she have to say in all of this?"

Now would be a good time to explain her sister tried to turn, Adam sighs.

"Nat, your sister attempted to complete a turning in order to salvage her marriage," I sigh.

"She ended up in a coma."

There is a long pause on the other side and for a moment, I fear she may have disconnected the call.

"Nat?" I call out, hoping she is still on the line.

"I’m here," she says matter of factly.

"I don’t know what having a sister years ago.I’m an orphan and an only child as far as I’m concerned."

I do not like this cynical version of my former Luna.

She used to be very sweet and caring to her sister.

It hurts knowing that my once very generous and loving Luna likely no longer exists, too hurt and
betrayed to ever trust someone with her heart again.

"She’s your sister, Nat," I reply quietly.

"She just made some mistakes."


Natalia scoffs angrily, my heart sinking to my stomach at the sound of the hatred in her voice.

"You call sleeping with my husband, MY MATE, over and over again a mistake? You call lying to my
face and destroying whatever self confidence I had a mistake? Do you have any idea what she and
Christian did to me? What you did to me?" She asks, a tremor audible in her voice.

"Until recently, I did not believe love existed," she whimpers.

"And now I have this amazing man who truly wants to love me and I’m too afraid to give him my
heart.I’m too afraid to let myself fall for him because all I can think about is the pain I felt when I walked
in on Vanessa and Christian.What I felt when I realized you and everyone in that awful pack lied to me.I
don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for you or Vanessa or anyone in Silver Crest.I don’t feel anything for
you anymore.Tell Christian he can go to hell.My son already has a Dad and I have an Alpha who I am
going to love.I am going to love him and I am going to be happy because after all these years spent
being angry Without another word, she hangs up the phone, fear gripping my heart.

"She’s not coming back," Nikki mutters in realization.

"Good," she adds with a small smile.

"I hope she gets her happy ending with Zane and I hope your Alpha leaves her and that beautiful little
boy alone."

"He won't," I shake my head at her.

"You don’t understand and neither does she," I sigh.

"Christian, as she knew him, is long gone."


I spent all of last night fighting off Jack to keep from flying to Washington myself and finding my mate,
but I knew better than to march right up to Natalia and take her.

S1e is too proud to go down without a fight so I will have to make the first moves and demonstrate that
after all these years, she is still my Luna.

Fo- the past week, I have prepared for her homecoming, redecorating the house the way she liked it,
building a new room for our son with toys and new clothes and getting all the supplies for her Luna


Everything has to be perfect, absolutely perfect for my Luna.

Bring her home...

Jack snarls, pacing back and forth in desperation.

updates from the scouts I sent to spy on both Derek and Jordan while they complete their missions.

I don’t trust them anymore.

As I grab money from the safe, my phone rings, no caller ID flashing across the screen.

Answering immediately, a raspy voice comes through the speaker.

"One hour.$20,000.Cash only," the voice mutters before hanging up.

I count out the money accordingly and collect my things before making the drive out to the designated
lake house in the woods, my heart beating in my chest with excitement.

After several years of searching, I have found a small coven of water witches willing to help me find my
family for a small fee.

As I arrive at the lake house, I find two witches sitting on the lake shores in a deep meditation, ignoring
the loud sound of my car engine as I park up next to the house.

A third witch, Lorelei, greets me at the door, a pleasant smile control.

"I can assure it won’t be an easy price to pay," Lorelei warns.

"Think carefully before agreeing.Blood magic is no simple feat."

"Who's?"Jack growls with annoyance.

"Your mother’s," Melusine replies, rising to her feet.

"Sacrifice your mother and you will have your son within a week." home is eccentrically decorated with
mismatched curtains and cranny and the scent of burning sage fills the room.

One of the walls in the living area is an aquarium with small fish swimming to and fro.

"Follow me," Lorelei says, leading me towards the garage.

Part of the garage is submerged in the lake for boat docking but a good portion sits above the water.

There we find another witch, Endora, busily setting up the garage for spell casting.

"Do you have the items we requested?" Lorelei asks and I nod my head, holding up the small pouch in
my hand containing a photograph of Kota and Natalia’s old hairbrush.


the witch hisses to herself, taking the pouch and handing it to Endora.

The two witches who had been sitting in the lake enter the garage, their clothes dripping wet.

They introduce themselves as Melusine and Sinnan.

Endora draws out a circle in the middle of the floor, setting up a pot of boiling water in the center while
Lorelei takes five different colored candles to represent the five elements and places them along the
edge of the circle so they are equally spaced out.

The witches instruct me to sit inside the circle and the five of us sit by a candle.

"We are gathered here today to ask the Gods to help Christian find his mate and his son," Lorelei says.

"It will not be an easy task so let us begin."

chants, lighting the red colored candle representing fire.

She then passes the candle to each of us so that we may each light the rest of the candles with the
flame of the fire candle.

"By the scent of his soul, I call wind to guide me,"

Melusine sings, holding up the yellow wind candle to me.

"Blow on it," she instructs me and I do as she says.

She fans the smoke over the boiling pot of water, the pot taking in the fumes.

"By the flesh that embodies his soul, I call earth to guide me,"

Sinnan murmurs, taking Natalia’s hair brush and tossing it into the pot.

"By the blood in his veins, I call water to guide me," Lorelei adds, pulling a dagger from her sleeve.

She takes my hand and makes a cut across my palm, my blood spilling into the pot.

The eyes of all four witches turn black as night and the pot begins to shake violently.

"By the will of the Gods,"they chant in unison.

"I call the spirits to guide me so that Dakota may be found."

The pot spews out a dark cloud of smoke and then suddenly plunges back into the pot.

Lorelei turns to me with a smile of satisfaction.

"The God of Chaos has heard our plea and has agreed to help you," She says.

"But for a hefty price."

"I'll give you all the money you want," I answer but the witch only shakes her head.

"Not money," she smirks.


"I can assure it won’t be an easy price to pay," Lorelei warns.

"Think carefully before agreeing.Blood magic is no simple feat."

"Who's?" Jack growls with annoyance.

"Your mother’s," Melusine replies, rising to her feet.

"Sacrifice your mother and you will have your son within a week."