The Silent Alpha

Chapter 38: Horsey


My heart drops to the pit of my stomach the moment I hear Kota’s voice.

"Mommy, what are you doing?" he yawns tiredly as he wipes at his eyes.

In a panic, Zane grabs the corner of the cover and swings his arm around to shield our naked bodies,
but in doing so, accidently hits me in the arm and knocks me off the bed.

"Oof," I groan as my body hits the floor with a loud thud.

Mortified, Zane scrambles to his feet but I push him back to sit down on the edge of the bed with his
back to Kota.

"Stop moving,"

I hiss, Zane blushing furiously as he nods his head.I grab his shirt lying on the floor and throw it over
my head.

"Kota, wait in the hall," I call out from behind Zane, adjusting the shirt and searching for my shorts.

"But mommy.I wanna stay with you."

It takes everything in me not to groan out loud, Zane draping the covers over his erection.

I manage to find my own shirt and wipe the c*m dripping down my inner thighs before locating my
shorts and slipping them on while still crouching behind Zane out my mouth.

"Vamonos, Kota {#123}Let’s go{#125}, " I sigh, walking out of the bathroom.

"I'll handle this," I call over my shoulder as I usher Kota out of the room.

Once he’s in the hall, I poke my head back into the room.

"You wait here" I tell Zane, my eyes glancing at the tent holding firm beneath the covers.

"Just play with yourself if you need relief," I whisper with a smirk, Zane turning a deep shade of red.

"I’ll be back to finish what we started." I close the door completely, leaving behind my blushing mate.

"Mommy, what were you doing with Zane?" he asks, hugging his wolf to his chest.

"And why were you naked?" I lift him into my arms and carry him back to his room, racking my brain for

"We were...We were playing horsey, Kota," I laugh nervously, swallowing the lump forming in my throat.

"I was the cowgirl and he was the horsey but since we were out in the desert, it got really hot so we
took off all our clothes."

Kota tilts his head to the side as I set him on his bed.

"Can I play horsey with you guys?" he yawns tiredly.

My eyes nearly bulge out of my head at the suggestion.

"Ummm.....may-maybe next time," I stammer, quickly tucking him back into bed.

"Right now, you need to go to sleep."

"But I’m not tired, mommy," he whines, fighting against his droopy eyes.

"I wanna play horsey with you and Zane." through his bag to find his favorite story book.

Kota scoots over to the side of the bed to make room for me and I climb in, settling in comfortably with
the book in my lap.

"Which book would you like me to read to you?" I ask, opening up the book to the table of contents.

"Wumplestinky! {#123}Rumpelstiltskin{#125}" Kota cries, cuddling with his wolf and curling up beside me.

"Okay, okay, Wumplestinky it is, then," I laugh, flipping the pages to the beginning of the story.

"Once upon a time, there lived a miller..."

Not long into the story, Kota falls fast asleep, curling up into a little ball on his side.I tuck him in, wishing
him a good night and kissing his forehead before tiptoeing back to my room.

Zane lays with his back propped up against the headboard, his hand timidly rubbing his now limp d**k.

His cheeks heat up immediately when he sees me, his thick member growing stiff in his hand.I make
sure to lock the door this time, not wanting any more interruptions for what we are about to do.

Removing my shorts, I crawl onto the bed, Zane eyes glued to me as I straddle his lower abdomen.

"You okay?" I ask, draping my arms around his shoulders.

He nods and I frown at him time you need.There’s no rush,I whisper, caressing his cheek.

"If things get too overwhelming, you can tell me to stop.I won't get mad or upset.I'll be more upset with
you if I do things that make you uncomfortable." He nods, his ears red.

I feel his hard member pressing up against my ass and I tilt my head to the side, grinning at him.

"Were you able to relieve yourself?" I ask, Zane becoming the reddest he’s ever been.

"Do you know how to play with yourself?????"

He opens his mouth to speak but struggles to string together a sentence, his tongue twisting with

"Relax," I soohe, gently pecking his lips.

"It’s okay if you don’t know.I can teach you if you like?"

"O--kkkay," he stammers as I climb off of his lap and sit beside him.

"You don’t have to be embarrassed," I whisper, placing my hand on his tip.

"But it is very important that you explore your own body to know what you like and don’t like.Since
you’re inexperienced, we can learn how to please each other together," I smile at him, hopeful that I’m
not crossing any boundaries.

I wrap my fingers around his c**k and pump along his shaft, Zane watching my hand move in a simple
up and down motion.

His breath quickens when I begin to move my hand in a corkscrew motion as I pump.

I massage his balls with my other hand before my hands away and look at him, Zane’s face flushed
with lust.

"You try," l instruct, grabbing his hand and wrapping his fingers around his cock.

He looks embarrassed to pleasure himself in front of me so I offer an alternative, pushing the shirt I’m
wearing up to my navel and laying flat against pillows.

I slide my hand down to my slit, my fingers teasing the folds.

Zane watches quietly, biting his lip as his eyes flicker between my p***y and my face.

"Do you want to touch me instead?" I ask, massaging my vulva as I sway my hips.

Zane turns on his side to face me and I take his hand, kissing each finger before popping his middle
finger in my mouth and sucking on it lightly.

His breath hitches as I flick my tongue over his fingertips, his eyes completely mesmerized as I suck
his finger like the most delicious lollipop.

I then drag his hand down my body and in between the canyon of my breasts to my hips, my body
tingling with sparks beneath his touch.

He flinches when I guide his hand to my slit and look up at him to make sure he’s okay.

Verifying that he’s just nervous, I press his fingers between my folds, guiding his hand up and down the

He furrows his brows in concentration and I let out a little giggle at his adorableness.

I guide his fingers up to my clit, his middle finger drawing a moan from my chest as he presses it
against my now throbbing "That’s my clit, baby,"

I hiss, swaying my hips against his fingers.

"Rub it and see what happens," I tease, Zane moving his fingers in a circular motion over my bundle of

I draw in a quick breath, my toes curling at the incredible sensation building up in my core.

Zane picks up his speed, my back arching as I moan.

"F-fuck, slow down.I’m going to c*m,"

I stammer, blinking away the stars blurring my vision.

Zane blushes furiously and slows down his fingers, my hips still swaying against his hand.

I guide his hand lower and push his middle finger into my pussyhole.

"This is where you will go in later,"

I murmur, holding my back a chuckle when he pulls his finger out in embarrassment.I wave two fingers
in his face and plunge them into my p***y, thrusting them in and out slowly.I build up a tempo and rock
my hips to the rhythm of my pumps.

My breath quickens as my thrusts go deeper and faster and my toes once again curlin ecstasy.

"Do you want to try making me c*m?" I ask, slowing down my pumps.

Zane blinks at me for a moment before timidly nodding his head and placing his hand over my vulva.

"Don’t forget my clit,"

I tease him, Zane blushing as he inserts his fingers into my p***y hole.

"Just start slow and work your wayHis hand trembles nervously so I decide it is best I give him as much
encouragement as possible.


I moan when he slowly starts to pump in and out of my hole.

"Yes, baby...Just like that..."

I throw my head against the pillow, closing my eyes to concentrate on the intense pleasure Zane is
giving me.

My walls contract around his fingers, forcing Zane to thrust harder.


I pant, digging my heels into the bed as I feel myself getting closer.

Zane begins to rub my clit in quick circles, my incoherent sounds becoming louder.

I writhe against his hand, feeling the pleasure growing stronger until finally I reach my climax, my body
convulsing with pleasure.

c*m spills onto the sheets, coating my inner thighs and Zane’s fingers as I pant for breath.

He looks a little frightened at my intense orgasm but the satisfied smile on my face seems to calm him
down enough to relax.

"That...was...good," I pant, my body craving more.

I prop myself up on my elbows and remove my shirt, Zane’s eyes flicking to my tattoo.I can sense a
question in the air and glance down at the wolf between my breasts.

"It’s my wolf," I murmur, tracing the design with my fingers.

"My ex wanted to turn me but I refused.I liked to think that my human form was more than enough and
that I didn’t need to change to be a good Luna,"

I smile despite remembering the pain my old pack let me endure on my own.

"I was very wrong of turning.A little she-wolf for a human Luna to make me feel like part of the pack," I
shrug sheepishly.

"I know it’s such a stupid tattoo, but for a while ...i-it made me feel good---"

My words get caught in my throat when Zane presses his lips against mine, one of his hands cupping
my cheek as he parts my lips with his tongue and explores my mouth.

He pushes me onto my back, rolling on top of me and wedging himself between my legs.I prop up my
knees and dig them into his sides, molding my body with his.

My skin tingles with desire as we rock and grind against each other until my lungs burn for air and he
pulls away.

Zane moves his lips down my jaw, burying his face in my neck and inhaling my scent.I slide my fingers
into his hair and grip him tightly, throwing my head back to give him all the access he needs.

He presses his body into mine, as if wanting to somehow tattoo himself onto my skin.His warm lips
pepper kisses on my chest, nipping and licking at my wolf tattoo.

I moan when I feel his tongue flick over my n*****s, his plump lips wrapping around the little buds as he
sucks on them.

Heat spreads down to my core the more he suckles on me, c*m dripping between my thighs.

Unable to hold my desires in any longer, I press my hands against his chest and push him onto his
back, climbing onto his lap and straddling him.

My lips move with his until my lungs burn and I bend over to lick his n*****s, wanting to ensure he feels
as good as I do looking Zane in the eyes.

"Do you want me?" I murmur, reaching in between my thighs to stroke his cock.

He slowly nods his head, closing his eyes to feel me.

"Words," I whisper, leaning forward to peck his lips.

"I need words."

"Y-yes," he stammers, his cheeks flushing.

"I w-want you," he says, swallowing the lump in his throat.

A smile curls on my lips, little butterflies fluttering in my belly at the thought of him trusting me enough
to be his first.

My fingers wrap around his c**k, Zane groaning as I stroke his shaft a few times to make him harder.

Satisfied, I line him up with my entrance, my eyes focused on his perfect lips.

"Are you ready?" I ask, Zane mumbling a yes.

insert his tip inside me and grind my hips forward, taking him inch by inch.

He groans as I tighten my walls around him, squeezing his shaft in pulsating waves.

Placing his hands on my ass so he can help me rock, I grind my hips back and forth, keeping my core
tight so I can feel every perfect inch of him.

I drape my arms around his neck to steady myself as I rock, moaning with every delicious wave of

He bends his neck to kiss my breasts, flicking his tongue over the sensitive buds so that I arch my back
and push more of me into his mouth.

"F-fu-fu," he moans, his breaths quickening with every thrust of my hips approaching.

I pull his head up by his hair, pressing my lips against his and forcing my tongue in his mouth.

He grips my ass cheeks, digging his fingernails into my flesh as he thrusts me forward with greater
force until I feel him explode, pumping his warm seed inside me.

I don’t stop grinding forward, rocking faster and faster on his oversensitive rod until I feel myself fall into
ecstasy, every cell in my body vibrating with pleasure.

My arms wrap tighter around his neck as I kiss him, wanting to become one with his body.

"You okay, baby?" I ask when I finally catch my breath, my fingers caressing his beard as I kiss his

"Y-yeah," he pants, letting himself rest against the headboard.

I pepper his face with kisses until the high finally fades away and I can gather my thoughts.

His hands slide up my sides, his fingers barely grazing my skin as he explores my body.

"Can I try with Grayson?" I ask, tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear.

His face flushes and I try to explain myself.

"He’s my mate too," I murmur.

"And I’d like to get to know your wolf as much as you." He stares at me for a moment before reluctantly
closing his brown eyes and sighing.

When he opens his eyes again, pools of liquid gold look back at me as he stares at me.

"Hi Gray-"

He plunges his tongue in my mouth before I can finish my sentence, as if attempting to devour my lips.

It’s a toe curling kiss and-for a moment, I allow myself to drift off into oblivion and melt into him.

When I finally pull away, my cheeks are flushed and my breath is a little labored, my lips swollen from
the kiss.

"Thank you," I murmur, pecking his lips gently and pulling away before he can lure me into another
mind-blowing kiss.

"So you are not as shy as your human?" I tease, Grayson grinning from ear to ear as he shakes his
head at me.

"Do you speak or are you determined to keep me on my toes? "

He shrugs cheekily, his eyes dancing mischievously as they flick down to my lips.

"Do you want me?" I ask, Grayson wrapping an arm around my waist.

Before I have a chance to say anything else, Grayson flips me on my back, spreading my knees apart
so that he fits between my legs.

I moan when he fills me up completely, my back arching at the unbelievable sensation.

He pulls his c**k out so that only the tip is inside before pushing himself all the way in again.

One of his hands wraps around my throat, his lips latching onto one of my n*****s, He pumps slowly,
but forcefully, his fingers squeezing the magic spot, my body writhing beneath him.

He pounds me into the mattress with every vengeful thrust, his eyes nearly black with lust as our
bodies collide with each other.

The wet sounds of my p***y, the slapping of our skin, and our grunts and moans create an erotic
melody that rings in my ears with every pump, arousing me even further.

His thrusts only increase as we both near the edge when suddenly, a loud toot erupts from my p***y,
my cheeks burning red with embarrassment.I did not just queef, I groan internally.

Grayson only chuckles to himself before continuing his mission until we both reach our blissful end,
sighing contently as we ride our highs.

Zane and Grayson take turns having me for the remainder of the night, each of them exploring my body

It doesn’t take long for me to realize they are polar opposites, Grayson being very dominant, while
Zane is very shy and timid.

They share the same goal, however, both of them wanting to know how to please me.

By the end of the night, I find myself curled up in their arms, completely satisfied yet eager for more.