Chapter Chapter-7-

“I’ve only seen part of the file,” he admitted. “They died shortly after you were born and given to the
adoption agency. The records were mysteriously destroyed, which made finding the infant impossible.”
He looked uncomfortable. “You have to realize, any offspring from their union would’ve been
dangerous. They’d known the risk and chose their path anyway.”

Someone had killed her parents? She shuddered, saddened for two people she’d never known but had
passed on this deadly legacy. “It’s not right that their only crime was falling in love.”

“Life is cruel,” he said simply. “Blame the gods for drafting such a prophecy to rule our lives.”

Prophecy. Everything felt surreal, as if it were happening to someone else and she was watching from
the sideline. It seemed almost tragically comical that mere days ago she’d been stressed about
something as inconsequential as her mid-terms.

Now, she had to carry the burden of some loathsome prophecy that made her the grand prize in a
supernatural war. She squeezed her eyes shut, fervently wishing she were trapped in a nightmare and
if she focused intently, she’d force herself awake.

Except, this nightmare was real. A small, hiccup of fear rattled her spine. The sound of moisture
dripping pricked at her nerves. Everything seemed magnified.

Suddenly, she became aware of a prickling heat dancing along her skin and she wiped away the beads
of sweat that gathered at her hairline.

Sweat dripped along her ribcage as her internal temperature began to steadily rise. Oh no, she thought
with rising panic. Not now!

She looked up at Cristophe and he started when her eyes dilated and everything became hazed in red
in her vision. “Cristophe…” she gasped, bending over as a fresh stab of arousal spiraled through her.

“You are phasing again, too soon,” he muttered, catching her as she fell to the ground. “You’re on fire,
damn it. You’re not supposed to phase so quickly! You should’ve had at least a few days to recover.”

“Don’t let me die,” she pleaded, gripping his shirt. “Please! I never asked for any of this.”

The arousal turned to pain as her channel slicked with moist heat, needing to be filled. The emptiness
of her core created waves of pain and need that caused her to cry out with agony. “Oh God! I can’t
handle this! Please help me, Cristophe!”

She began ripping at the thin material covering her. Even the slightest touch of the fabric was an irritant
to her skin.

With a growl, she pressed herself against Cristophe, mindless that he was her enemy and captor. She
needed to feel skin on skin or face dying a terrible death.

“Touch me, Cristophe,” she begged, almost sobbing. The tips of her nipples were reddened and
throbbing, while her breasts swelled to twice their normal size.

Her skin stretched from the swelling and her pussy quivered as juices dribbled from her passage,
slicking the way.

She could sense Cristophe fighting an internal struggle, but within seconds had her on her back in the
dirt. “I can’t seem to help myself,” he admitted, shocked at his own actions as he fumbled with his belt
and pants. “Oh good God, this is unnatural but I want it so badly!”

He groaned as she grabbed at him, wrapping her hot hands around his long, curved length. He was so
different from her wolf lovers but she felt insatiable. This was far worse than the first two phases.

This was the grand dame of phases and she was helpless to stop it. She slipped his cock into her
mouth, sucking eagerly and wantonly on his straining erection, as his balls slapped against her chin.

His fingers threaded through her tresses and held her mouth in place as he fucked her wet and willing
mouth. She felt drugged, beyond control. She needed cock after cock. One would never be enough.

She groaned, lost to the sensations racing through her body, making mincemeat of rational thought.
Cristophe pushed her away before he could cum in her mouth and she fell back only to sink onto her
hands and knees, her ass lifted in offering. “Take me, Cristophe!” she begged. “I need to feel a cock
inside me before I go insane!”

He slammed his cock inside her, rough and hard, just the way she liked it. Just like her wolves. He
gripped her hips for better leverage and pumped his cock into her like a piston, ramming into her juicy
hole without stop.

His cock rubbed against a secret sweet spot deep inside her, making her squirt and dribble down her
thighs into the fine dirt.

The sounds of their animalistic fucking echoed off the cavern walls and filled the air between them. He
grunted as he buried his cock deep inside her, touching her womb with the bulbous head, pounding her
pussy until she moaned with pure pleasure.

“You dirty wolf-slut,” he gritted out, banging her as hard as he could, punctuating each thrust with nasty
talk befitting a sailor but she reveled in it.

She arched her back for a deeper penetration and she cried out as he yanked a handful of her hair.
The sudden dominance spoke to something deep inside her and she shuddered as she released more
cream in her channel, losing herself in the shameless fucking.

“That’s it, take it all,” he demanded in a harsh groan. “Take my cock!”

She squeezed her eyes shut as pleasure rocked her, his balls slapping hard against her ass cheeks
until she suddenly stiffened and she lost herself to the sensations inside her.

She squeezed her internal muscles to the point of delicious pain and Cristophe uttered a throaty groan
as he poured his fluid into her, soaking her womb and creaming her core.

The internal heat from her phase immediately started to lower at the first splash of seed deposited into
her body. Blessed relief came quickly and she collapsed to the ground in a puff of fine dust.

Cristophe withdrew and staggered away from her as if she was poison but she was too relieved to
care. The pulsing agony had receded, replaced with the soft echo of pleasure. She rolled to her back
and stared at the darkened cavern ceiling.

When she could breathe normally again, she struggled to her feet and then walked to the pool. She
sank into the pool, grateful for the heated depths to wash away her shame and confusion.

Her insides ached from the pounding her channel had taken from three different men in as many hours,
but her internal heat had subsided and for that she was inordinately grateful.

Cristophe surprised her when he joined her. She glanced at him shyly, not sure what happened next.
“Am I still going to die?” she asked. “I’ve phased three times. What now?”

Cristophe looked stricken, as if baffled by what had just happened between them, and he said, “That
never should’ve happened. A vampire has never been affected by a Breeding female werewolf’s
phasing. But I couldn’t stop myself. Your agony was my own. I had to fuck you. This is madness.”

Okay…but angst aside, that didn’t answer her question. “Am I still going to die?” she asked again.

“No, you’ve phased completely for this cycle. But you will come into your Breeding time again. It will
start all over again.”

She frowned unhappily. “How am I supposed to live a normal life if I’m consumed with sex with every

“You cannot live a normal life. You are not normal.”

“Stop saying that. Up until yesterday I was very normal, almost boring,” she said with fresh irritation. “I
want to go back to that.” He sighed and remained silent, obviously wrestling with his own issues. She
glanced at him surreptitiously. “So, if vampires are immune to Breeding females…why were you
affected by me?”

He scowled. “I don’t know. But I intend to find out. Come, we must leave this place. I need to find
answers and I’m not going to find them here.”

He left the pool and Cassandra reluctantly followed. She rather liked that natural spring-fed pool. She
felt invigorated and alive, which was in direct contrast to the reality that she was in real danger.

Cristophe handed her fresh clothes, more appropriate to the weather conditions, and then after they’d
dressed and doused the fire, he clasped her hand and pulled her through the treacherous maze of the

They popped out of the mouth of the cavern and suddenly, Cristophe was jerked off his feet and flung
several feet until he was pinned against the cavern wall, the shaft of a wooden arrow quivering from his
punctured shoulder.

“Vampires…such a pain in the ass. I’ll be happy to be rid of them.”