Alpha Niall And His Lost Mate

Chapter 19

I rushed through the trees like wind as I ran towards the Alpha house.

My mate was in trouble and my one goal was to find him. I tried not to panic too much, but simply try
and focus on the issue at hand. We have a connection, so finding him shouldn't be the problem. But if I
was going to make this work, I had to keep my head straight.

I contemplated asking Clarissa for help. She is, after all, an expert at tracking. Deciding that I could use
all the help I can get, I mindlink her.

~"Clarissa! My mate is in trouble. I need you to help me find him"~ I pushed through her link without
warning. She replied immediately.

~"He's your mate. Doesn't that make you the best to find him?"~

~"Yes, but I'm sure I'll find him faster with your help...Please Clarissa. I know you're not his biggest fan,
but I really need your help"~ I pleaded desperately.

The level of worry I felt made me know that I'd do ANYTHING to have him back with me. It took a while
for her to answer, and when she did, I was already at the Alpha house and making my way to our room.

~"Okay I'll help you find him, but your mate's pack has the strongest border patrol in the country. Even
with my incredible discrete skills, the chances of me getting caught is high. You'll have to call them off"~

~"No. Meet me ten miles of the pack border to the north at sunset"~ I decided. ~"I don't want to put the
pack in panic that their Alpha is in trouble when I don't know the full situation as yet. Besides, I intend
to be back with Niall before sunrise tomorrow"~


I quickly cut the connection to her as I grabbed an overnight bag. I threw random essentials in it as fast
as I could before pulling my hair in something that resembled a messy bun.

I discarded Niall's t-shirt and sweats from my body to replace them with a grey tank top with my black
thick leggings. I grabbed my old duty belt that Luka gave me for my fifteen birthday. I never thought I'd
had use for it, but Luka always knew I was a fighter. I just never embraced that side of me.

Swiftly making my way to Niall's weapon room, I ensured to stay careful and out of sight. The last thing
I needed was questions being asked.

I quickly equipped the belt with various knives, daggers and a single silver whip. I left space for a
weapon I planned to grab later as I ran back to my room with nothing but determination in each step,
focused on my one goal.

Of course, finding out everything about my dad, his past and my blood was still a priority, but it all had
to be put on hold until I found Niall. After all, if I know everything and still don't have my mate, I'd be
more incomplete than ever. He was my number one priority.

I snatched the bag from my bed, throwing it over my shoulder as I dragged on my black trainers. I
ensured the laces were secure before sitting up; but I almost had a heart attack when I noticed there
was another body in the room.

"Roxy, my gosh you nearly killed me" I threw my hand over my heart as I recovered from the shock.

She eyed my outfit carefully before meeting my eyes again. Her eyes shimmered in pride as she took
me in entirely. She crossed her arms over her chest, blocking my way to the door as she got ready to
question me.

Just what I needed.

"Going somewhere hun?" My mate's mother questioned with a ghost smirk. I shifted uncomfortably on
my feet and adjusted the strap on my shoulder whilst avoiding eye contact at all cost. If she knew her
son was in trouble, I had no idea how she'd react.

"Um yea. I'm just gonna head back to Brightwater to um- help a friend train" I lied terribly. Curse my
inability to be untruthful.

She raised an arched brow at me with a 'o' shape taking over her lips. But what puzzled me was when
she simply shrugged and stepped to the side as if she didn't just see right through my lie. In all
fairness, I really was planning to go back to Brightwater Pack.

"I erm-I'm gonna go now" I mumbled as I tried to walk passed her, but a very forceful push to my chest
sent my plummeting to the floor.

My eyes widened as I winced from the sudden impact, but I quickly had to roll to the side when I saw
her foot coming at my head. I jumped to my knees as fast as I could in shock and confusion, just trying
to understand why Roxy was attacking me. I had no intention of fighting my mate's mom for obvious
reasons, but she wasn't holding back and I still very much had to find Niall.

So, I fought back.

I blocked a kick that was aiming for my head while I collectively caught her foot with my other hand,
sending her falling to the ground also. I granted her time to get up, hoping that she'd stop this madness
and explain to me what was happening. But sadly for me, she only came charging at me again,
throwing a punch as soon as she was close enough. I skillfully dodged and blocked her punches and
kicks, trying really hard not to hit her back.

We went on until I was literally back to back with the wall. She shoved me towards the hard concrete
just before sending a next strike towards my face. I quickly sidestepped her, blocking her punch before
driving my knee to her side which sent her crashing to the ground.

I felt guilt rise in me when I hit her, but I had a feeling that's what she wanted. I needed to leave and
she wasn't letting up. So, we fought like enemies-- hand to hand, foot to foot, knee to knee and elbow
to elbow. I managed to block most of her attacks, so I didn't get anything more than probably a bruise
here and there. What shocked me though, was her fighting skill.

Never in this lifetime would I expect Roxy to fight like this. It was obvious that she was at expert level.
Just the way how she blocked, anticipated and attacked, told me that entirely.

We spent probably ten whole minutes with this back to back thing, so I decided to end it once and for
all. It was a challenge just fighting her, so I knew taking her down wouldn't be simple either.

But despite my doubts, I used the burning desire to go get Niall as my drive to end it. And so, I went for
a move that I hadn't tried in years, but I knew it would throw her off enough to take her down.

Instead of charging towards her like she anticipated, I ran in the opposite direction towards the one of
the walls. Luckily for me, she was right on my tail, just what I needed. Once I was close, I held my
breath as I pumped my feet up the wall before pushing off with my right foot, sending me in a reverse
backflip over her head.

I ensured that I grabbed both her shoulders as I went over her head, which granted me the power to flip
her over as I landed on my feet, sending her skidding across the tiled floor. She connected with Niall's
bedroom-work desk, sending a vase crashing to the floor beside her head. It surprised me how that
was the only thing that managed to be broken despite the kombat we just had. I blamed it on the
massive room.

I quickly went to her and drove my knee to her stomach while I held both her hands over her head. I
never meant for this to go so far, but I had to shake the guilt that climbed up my spine.

"Quit it Roxy!" I ordered desperately, definitely out of breath. "What the hell was that for?"

Instead of answering, she beamed brightly at me with her eyes dancing with pride.

I cautiously eased myself off her as she wobbled to her feet. She grabbed a handkerchief that was
laying on Niall's desk and pressed it to the back of her head. I winced when I spotted the blood taking
over the white cloth, but she looked completely unbothered.

"Gosh Roxy I'm so sorry" I suddenly felt terrible as I saw the mess we caused. "But you attacked me. I-
I d-didn't -"

"Did Niall ever tell you how I met his dad?" She asked casually, cutting off my stammering. I shook my
head no, sensing a story time that I had no time for, but respected her enough to listen.

"As you know, the neighbouring pack was my home. I lived right across the river for years believing that
this pack took everything from my dad. So my brother and I were sent here on a mission to help ruin
Truemoon. By then, I was around your age, and I discovered that Ace was my mate. " I gasped in
shock as I suddenly got invested.

That must've been so conflicting for her.

"Imagine, I was sent here as a fully trained wolf, but ended up being a fully mated wolf instead. There's
a lot of detail in between that we can talk about at a completely different time, but my point in all this is
that I knew too well that look on your face when I just stepped in here. I had that very same look when I
was leaving my pack that day to come undercover in my mate's pack. The look that says 'I'm gonna
fight, I'm gonna win and I'm gonna do it my way'"

I bit my lip, feeling a bit uneasy. She really hit the nail on the head.

"Now, I have no clue what or who you're going to fight for, but I had to know you weren't going to get
yourself killed. You are more than capable of taking care of yourself" She smiled victoriously as if she
had just won the nobel prize.

"You know you could've led with that? Or I don't know, ask me" I took a check on my tone when I
remembered who I was speaking to, but I would've appreciated knowing from the beginning that she
was just concerned about if I'm going to get myself killed or not.

She giggled cutely as she shook her head. "First lesson about fighting: be prepared to be taken by
surprise. Many get killed simply because of the element of surprise."

I bit my lip as I thought about it. She had a point, but a warning still would've been nice. Suddenly, her
face fell as if she just saw or heard something terrible. She met my eyes with worried ones, and I knew
that she had figured it out.

"It's Niall isn't it? I came here to see him before I saw you and I totally forgot that he wasn't anywhere in
the house and apparently, nowhere in the pack either" I simply nodded, confirming her suspicions. She
regarded me with an unreadable expression for a while, before giving me a short nod.

"Go Zoey. I have faith that you'll bring my baby home. Don't worry, I'll cover for you here" She said,
automatically lifting a lot from my shoulders.

"Thanks Roxy. I'll bring him home, I promise"

"I know you will. Be safe and smart okay?" I nodded curtly as she pulled me in for a quick hug.

She whispered something in Italian that sounded very familiar to my ears. Luka and Victoria always
said that very same thing whenever Levi and I were going away to England, or about to take another
dangerous step in our training. I think he said it was a parental locution of protection. It made me feel a
lot better as I swiftly and discreetly made my way to my car.

I took off as soon as the door was shut, driving as quickly as I could towards the trees. I phoned my
next potential accomplice that I needed for this mission, hoping dearly that he'd agree.

"Hello. Zoey? What's up?" Valero, Niall's cousin from our neighbouring pack, answered.

I figured that since he and Niall were so close, it would be an incentive to help. Plus having him with me
would be better, since I had no idea of how big of a threat this'll be.

I haven't seen him since my birthday, but we talked every now and then. Even though his pack was just
across the border, he was always too busy to visit and likewise with Niall, hence why I was worried that
he would give me an answer I didn't want to hear.

"Valero, I need your help. "

"Sure, what's up? Is everything okay?" I could hear the concern in his voice already which sparked
hope in me.

"It's Niall. I think he might be in trouble and I need your help to get him back. He left yesterday for some
unknown reason and hadn't been back since. I felt a rush of panic through our bond, and it's been
lingering since, spiking at random times and it's driving me crazy. I know you're a busy man but I could
really use your help to get him back. I have no idea how dangerous this could be." I took a breath as I
ended my rambling. I opened my mouth again to deliver my second dose of reasoning, but he spoke
before I could.

"You had me at 'it's Niall'. I'll be there in about an hour" I could hear some shuffling in his background
as if he was moving around, but I quickly stopped him.

"Actually, I'm making a quick stop before I meet you. So instead, can you meet me ten miles of Niall's
pack border to the north at sunset?"

"Sure that can work. I can get my Beta and Gamma ready for my absence. See you then" He ended
quickly as I threw the phone on the passenger seat. I gripped the wheel tightly as I jammed my foot on
the gas, sending me to 150 km/h through the trees.

I'm coming for you baby. I just need to make a quick stop at Brightwater Pack first.

There's something there that I'll definitely need.