Alpha Niall And His Lost Mate

Chapter 9

"Something smells off."

I rolled my eyes without turning to face her and continued to search for the pancake syrup.

From the moment I stepped into the kitchen, Asia tensed and has been giving me the stink eye ever

Of course every wolf knows that when a female wolf is marked, her scent mixes with her mate's. But it
was a majestic scent; not 'off' like she presumed. She was just jealous that MY mate marked me.

I finally found the syrup and squirted a large amount onto my mountain of pancakes. I was extremely
moody this morning since I woke up without Niall, but I knew that it was the post-mark pre-heat effects.

The fact that I was marked would throw my emotions off a whole lot for the first couple days, especially
if I wasn't with my mate. But the fact that my heat was this close too, I was like a deadly ball of
emotions walking around.

I was really considering completing the mating process before the full moon, that way I wouldn't have to
go through the detrimental heat cycle that I've heard so much about.

If Niall and I should mate before the full moon, I'll still have my heat, but it would be bearable. The most
that would happen is a high temperature and the extreme horniness, but at least I wouldn't be dying
from pain and whatnot.

I've never had a heat cycle, but I am already dreading it.

A whole night of fever, sweating, excruciating abdominal pain and never ending arousal? Doesn't
sound enticing to me.

At that moment, Jared walked in just as I was about to walk out. I came down for breakfast, but I was
avoiding Asia at all costs, hence why I decided to eat in the living or dining room.

He perked up as soon as he entered with a confused look on his face. He whipped his head towards
me, then a broad smile took over his lips.

"Well well. Look who's making progress," he said before pulling me into an awkward side hug, since I
had my pancakes in my hand.

I blushed under his gaze as he continued to ogle me in excitement. I knew this was a big thing for all of
us, so I couldn't blame him.

"Congrats Zoey. I'm so glad you're officially part of the family" He added and I heard a scoff behind me
but ignored it.

"Thanks Jared, I feel like family. By the way, do you know where Niall is?" I asked, assuming he might
have an idea. The last thing a wolf needs after just being marked, is waking up alone.

"Not sure. Maybe some pack business if he left that early."

"Okay," I mumbled, somewhat agreeing with him. It must've been important.

Just as I was about to head out, when I heard the back door open. I turned around to see a sweaty
Niall just entering. He had on black sweats, plain t-shirt and a backpack, and he looked undeniably

The moment he saw me, his eyes lit up and he made his way over to me. He engulfed me in a hug and
dropped a kiss on my cheek, before whispering a good morning.

"I'm sorry I left so early this morning, but I had an emergency at the back border with my border patrol"
He explained, and every ounce of annoyance that was in me disappeared at that, since I knew just how

important having a strong and stable border patrol was.

"Is everything okay?" I asked in concern.

"Everything is good now," he assured. "Just needed my help that's all."

I nodded. "Okay good"

"Well look who's being Luna of the year." A snarky voice retorted from behind me, and this time I
decided that I had enough. But before I could answer, Niall beat me to it.

"Seriously let it go Asia. Just stop okay?" He snapped, though what I had planned to say would've been
way worse.

She just casually shrugged and left the room.

"I know I just got here and I may have no right to say this, but why is she even here? " I asked,

"I know she can be a pain in the ass, but she is really a good Beta," Jared said.

"I suppose. But if she doesn't grow up soon, then the pack will feel it too when we can't get along"

"Don't let that bother you. She'll come around" Niall proclaimed as he cut a piece of my pancake and
brought it to my mouth.

"Kinda har todo tha when she mahkes it her duy to boher me," I said with a mouth full of pancakes.
Niall chuckled at it, but I knew from the confusion on his face that he didn't understand.

"Kinda hard to do that when she makes it her duty to bother me" I repeated once my mouth was clear.

"Don't focus on her now okay? If it makes you feel better, I would like to take you somewhere today if
you're up for it" He said, and I suddenly got excited.

On many occasions I had gone out, but it was mostly with Roxy, since Niall was always working. The
idea of going somewhere with him was thrilling.

"Yes of course I'm up for it" I almost squealed as he flashed me a smile.

"Good. I'll be down in about fifteen" He announced before pecking my lips and heading upstairs.

I downed the pancakes in ten minutes and waited for Niall to join me again. I ran my hand over my
pigtails that I got last night, but I noticed that they were fuzzy, since my scarf somehow got discarded in
the middle of the night.

Deciding to try and look decent, I began to undo the braids and separating the curls in the process.
Victoria always did this for me, so I had assumed that it would've looked good like when she does it.
But since I only knew how to pull my hair in a bun or puff, I couldn't be sure.

"Woah there beautiful," I heard Niall say from behind me, and I whipped around to see him freshly
showered and dressed.

"What?" I asked shyly as he made his way towards me.

Instead of answering, he captured one of my curls and began to twine it around his finger. None of us
said anything for a while, I just enjoyed the feeling of being so close to him. Maybe it was the effect of
the mark, but I could feel as my wolf purred at the mere scent and presence of him. I had no idea how
one person could do this much to me.

My lips suddenly felt dry, and I licked them in an attempt to restore their moisture. But Niall seemed to
have had the same idea, since he dipped his head and captured my lips with his.

I immediately responded to the kiss, and it was then that I realized that it was my new favourite thing to
do. I felt on cloud nine as I wrapped my arms around his neck and buried one of my hands in his still
damp hair.

His lips moved slowly on mine as I gently rubbed and caressed his scalp with my fingers. His arms
tightened around my waist, and one hand swept up to pull my hair backwards, giving him better access
to the kiss.

I clenched my thighs together as the tension began to build up, and it was when we heard the fridge
opening that we finally pulled away.

There Jared stood, in front of the fridge searching for God knows what. I hadn't even noticed when he
entered, and he didn't even look bothered that two wolves were making out in the same room as him.

"Oh don't mind me guys. I just came for a bottle of water," he said casually, and I had to try really hard
not to laugh.

I was also suppressing a blush, since I always assumed that I was never a PDA person and I was right.
But it was all still so funny.

"Ready to go?" Niall asked as I turned to face him again. It was obvious that we both were recovering
from the kiss, but I was still excited about leaving.

"Yep," I replied quickly with the excitement resurfacing.

I didn't know where we were going but as long as I was with him, it didn't matter.


"Were here" Niall announced as he removed his hands from my eyes.

The minute my eyes adjusted to the area, I was left in awe.

The first thing I noticed was the lush green grass that was decorated skilfully yet naturally with small,
wild yellow flowers. The area was open and bright, and I noticed that it was like a natural meadow.

There were more trees on the other side, just like what we had just emerged from, so it seemed like a
clearing, but it was far more mesmerizing.

The sun was beaming and the wind was cool and calming. There were even small white butterflies
roaming around, giving the area that fairy-tale look. Finally, in the middle of it all, ran a small stream
that didn't look over a foot deep. It seemed to have emerged from nowhere and disappeared in the vast

It was all so lovely that I couldn't take a minute to breathe.

"Niall this is so beautiful" I whispered in awe.

"You like it?" He asked as he placed a yellow flower in my hair.

"Like it? I love it" I gushed as I caught a butterfly on my finger.

"I'm glad you do" He whispered as he wrapped his arms around me from behind and rested his head
on my shoulder. "This used to be my parent's spot. But the moment they brought me here I stole it from

I chuckled at that "Maybe I can steal it from you too," I teased as I turned around and quickly kissed
him before running towards the trees.

"What's mine is yours princess" He shouted as he joined me under a tree facing the clearing. "But if
you want to come out here, I want to be with you. No one else knows about this place because it's so
far out from the pack, but it's not safe"

"I can take care of myself you know?" I told him confidently.

"I have no doubt that you can," he chuckled. "But I insist"

"Fiiiine. If you wanna baby me" I drawled dramatically with a short laugh.

"I just want you safe and happy always"

"I am happy" I whispered truthfully.

I was surprised to see his expression looking thoughtful instead of relieved.

"What's wrong?" I asked in concern. "Are you not happy?"

"Of course I am Zoey" He replied quickly as he ran his finger over the mark on my neck.

"So what's wrong?"

He sighed before shifting more so he was sitting directly in front of me.

"I know you say you're happy. But I know you won't be completely happy until you know everything
about your dad and your background " He said, and my face immediately fell.

He was right. I would always have that hollow if I don't learn everything about myself. Over the past
week, it was like I forgot. But deep down I still had that urge to know everything. It only made my heart
frolic even more knowing that he didn't forget.

I sighed and shrugged as I glanced down at my feet that were tucked underneath each other.

"I know. I just don't know where to start"

"And I'm here for you Zoey."He whispered as he held my cheek and forced my eyes to his. "I'm here to
help you. Don't forget that "

"Thank you Niall" I mumbled, throwing my arms around his neck. "I really need it"

"We can start searching soon. If it makes you happy then I'll do anything to get that for you. I'll go to the
moon and back for you"

My heart did a back-flip at that. But then something else came to my mind that made it beat faster.

"Speaking of the moon" I added as I pulled away. "The next full moon is the day after tomorrow," I told
him. He looked confused at first, but then his face lit up in realization.

"Shit I completely forgot" He mumbled to himself before meeting my eyes again. "Are you- are you
ready? "

I offered him a small shy smile with a shrug. "I guess. Why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't want this to sound like I'm being pushy, but I don't want you to go through that pain on the full
moon" He said, and my body involuntarily became excited.

I darted my gaze from him and tucked a curl behind my ear."Yea I was thinking about that too. My heat
will only be horrible if we don't mate before the full moon, so I wanted to ask you-"

"Don't ask" He quickly cut me off, but in a gentle way. He pulled me onto his lap and placed a kiss on
my lips. "Asking will take away the specialness of it. And you didn't even have to, my sweet mate"

My cheeks burnt with a blush, so I attempted to hide it by burying my head in his neck.

"Okay" I mumbled, placing a kiss on there. He sighed in content as we fell into another session of

I felt as he stood up and started to walk back home I assumed. I wrapped my feet around him and kept
my head nuzzled in the crook of his neck.

I could get the full whiff of his wonderful scent from here, and I slowly felt myself drifting away as it
continued to soothed me.

But all I could think about was that before the next full moon, I'll be a fully mated wolf.