Alpha Niall And His Lost Mate

Chapter 11

I didn't hear anything after that.

"Zoey I don't think she's gonna make it"

It rang in my ears like a mocking song. I couldn't process anything around me. I couldn't listen to Niall
asking me what's wrong, I didn't see the dim of the light as it slightly flickered- I only saw red.

I felt my feet moving, and I was down the stairs in what felt like a second. I didn't care what happened
after I shifted, but once I hit the outside air I knew I was in wolf form.

I ran as soon as I was certain all fours were on solid ground. The cool wind whipped past me in a fast
mocking song, reminding me of the distance I had to go.

I could hear Niall behind me, calling after me in desperation. I didn't even know how he managed to
keep a close distance to me while I was in wolf form and he was in human form, but I guess it was the
worry that boosted his adrenaline.

Deep down I knew running all the way back to Brightwater Pack would be a challenge, but who am I to
tell my wolf what to do when we were both very upset? Even though Victoria is no wolf, she is my blood
and that meant even the wolf in me had all right to be upset too.

I couldn't imagine a life without her, and I wouldn't either. I was determined to keep only positive

I felt like crying yet no tears came. I felt angry that I was miles away from my sister who was probably
battling for life. I felt useless knowing that there was nothing I could do about it. I felt vulnerable
knowing that in my unfocused and grieving state, I could get attacked on the way by any rogue. I just
felt awful.

'What if she doesn't make it?'

I shook the thought from my head and pumped my feet harder. If I move fast enough, I will be able to
arrive by ten if I only take two minute breaks. We can move faster in wolf form than any car, but it was
much safer to go by car. I didn't care about safety though -- I just wanted to see my sister.

"Zoey wait please! " Niall called out a few meters behind me. We were a good distance from the Alpha
house by now and I wanted to stop, I really did. Of course I needed my mate especially now, but I just
couldn't stop.

Soon after, I heard clothes shredding and a set of stronger footsteps throbbing behind me. That's when
I knew he shifted as well.

I was tackled in a matter of seconds, but my wolf only saw it as a hindrance in the ultimate mission.
And so she fought him. We tumbled around for a while, growling and biting at each other but never
hurting each other. He finally managed to pin me down with a low growl, warning me to stop fighting.
My wolf had a few growls of her own too, and it was then that he pushed into my mind through our

~"Zoey what happened?"~ his sweet human voice rang in my head, causing me to relax a whole lot.

My growls turned to soft whimpers as I eventually stopped wiggling beneath him. He rested his nozzle
in my neck before licking the area gently. It was his way of providing me comfort. He didn't get off me
however, since he assumed I would just run again.

~"Victoria. She had an accident. A terrible one it seemed"~ I told him with sad wolf eyes.

He looked shocked at this, and I watched carefully as he got off me and shifted back to human form.
He watched me with sympathy filled eyes as he gently caressed my head.

"I'm so sorry Zoey," he whispered. "I understand why you took off like that, but it's dangerous to run all
that way. Let me take you" He suggested carefully, not wanting to upset me further.

I pushed forward in my head and took back control over my wolf, but I remained in wolf form. I guess it
was smart to listen to logic. But since wolves worked on instincts mainly, I knew I had to be in control
for this conversation. The wolf side of me just wouldn't understand the danger of running back home,
so the human side of me had to listen to reasoning.

I didn't have to say much to him for him to know that I wanted to leave ASAP, and I'm glad he

"Let's just get back home for a while. We'll get dressed, grab some food for the road and take my car
okay? " He asked gently, but the thought of putting more distance between me and Victoria caused me
to whimper again as my ears fell.

"Hey it's okay baby. We're only going back for food and clothes, then we'll be back on the road okay? "
I eyed him carefully for any sign of dishonesty, but I didn't find any.

I got up on my four feet as I watched him shift back to wolf form since he shredded his clothes. I
followed as he started to trod in the direction of home, but I felt a tug in my chest as I moved farther.

My feet suddenly halted after a while and Niall stopped too to see what the issue was. I tilted my head
back to the moon and let out a long, sorrowful howl. I saw from the corner of my eye as Niall did the
same, as his own howl fell in unison with mine.

He closed the distance between us and nuzzled his nose in my neck again, offering me a wolf hug. I
was quickly taken by surprise when I heard numerous similar howls coming from in and around Niall's
Pack, sharing in on my sorrow and showcasing their support. I knew they knew it was me, and the
Alpha's howl was also very distinct to them.

My heart warmed as the chorus continued to echo through the pack as more wolves howled with their
support to me.

I knew being a part of a pack meant being a part of a family, and I couldn't be more grateful. But as
much as I was grateful for their already constant love, I just hoped that the moon heard our cries and
granted me the only wish lying on my heart.

Please let the only sister I have be okay. I can't lose her too.