It's finally nightfall and there is still no sign of my mate.

I know it's possible that he didn't attend the party but did it have to be this way? Why couldn't it be so
simple to find him? I pace about the garden restlessly oblivious of what to do next.

I have been locked up in this mansion my entire life, avoided like a plague by my father and played
audience to all my sister's endless talks about her romantic fantasies.

All 1 wanted was a romantic fantasy of my own.

Arthur always told me that mates are very protective and possessive of each other and that's exactly
what I want to experience, including the unbreakable mate bond. thoughts are interrupted by a sudden sweet smell like that on Vanilla mixed strawberries,
totally heavenly.

I look around to see if I can locate what's giving out such a sweet smell but it's nothing I can locate.

Suddenly, my wolf Myla comes back out of my mind and starts skipping around in my mind in

I hear footsteps approaching and as they come closer, the smell only gets stronger and sweeter and
I'm trying very hard to keeps Myla still.

I swiftly turn around only to see Laura accompanied by...holy moly, the most handsome man I have
seen so far today.I scan him from his toes up to his head and swallow dryly when I realize just how tall
and muscular he is.

He has this great aura of dominance and authority around him that seems to intimidate me.

I don't need a sorcerer to tell me that that's Alpha Noah.


Myla screams in my head as she jumps about in excitement.

"Laura, please excuse us for a minute"

Alpha Noah orders.

"Babe .."


He orders and Laura grudgingly walks away.

"Alpha Noah" I call with a wide smile plastered on my face.

"You are my mate!"

I announce excitedly but the look on his face tells me he feels otherwise and that makes Myla to

He takes a few steps closer to m e, looks at me long and hard but surprisingly I don't feel intimidated

Instead, I feel like his equal.

"You do know that I'm in a relationship with your siste r, don't you?" He asks in a cold tone.

"Yes Ido"

"And in case you didn't know, I am very loyal to her and not even the fact that you are my mate will
make me leave her.So Kiara Logan, I , Alpha Noah Colton reject you as my mate and future Luna.You
are free to go out there and find Love and protection in another man's arms for you will never find it in

Then he turns around and walks away.I feel like everything is crashing down on me.

Without warning, Myla takes over me in rage and I instantly shapeshift into my snow white wolf caring
less about the clothes I'm shredding into pieces and run as fast as I can away from the mansion.

I never expect that the best day of my life will become my nightmare.I don't want to step into that house
again! Thinking that I might see the loving couple when I go back, my heart sinks.I don't want to see
their faces again.

My claws rubs against the moist soil, it comforts me a lot.

This is all I have, this beautiful woods.

When I wander in the woods, I notice the some footsteps slowly approaching me, like a beast crawling
on the ground.I lower my body to hear more clearly, it comes from the south.I can smell it, it's a rogue.

Before [ can turn around to face it, it pounces from behind me and attack me, and I dodge, a narrow

This rogue is really reckless and unlucky.

It dares attack the strongest wolf in the pack.I subdue it with my left paw and bite it's neck.

Within a few minutes, it expires.

This is the first time my wolf has killed a rogue.

I don't feel sorry for that rogue at all, because my mentor always teach me that I should never show
mercy to rogues.

Smelling the strong smell of blood, my wolf gets very excited.

"I want more! More!" she growls.

Only then did I really realize how bloodthirsty my wolf is.

When I am on the verge of losing control, my mentor's words echoes in my head: "Keep calm, you
have to learn to control your strength."

My reason returns.


I order my wolf.

With no one around, I shift back into my human form.

I dare not continue to wander outside, lest something worse will happen.I run towards home and sneak
into the house from the back door since my clothes can barely cover my body.

When I get inside, I don't see my sister.My heart sinks, she must be with Alpha now.I sob and go back
to the room.I bury my head in the pillow and weep, not wanting others to hear me crying.

They are so cruel.

I can't believe that my sister has the heart to mate with him when she knows that her boyfriend is my

No! I get up and walk to the window, she will definitely come back, she can't be so cruel.

I look in the direction of the door by the window for a while, and it is my father who shows up instead of
my sister.

He comes back so late.

Maybe some guests delayed him.

He seems to have changed his clothes.He walks into the house and whispers a few words to the

I can't hear what he says, all I can hear is the sound of my heart breaking.

My sister won't be back.

My sister is spending the night with my mate! I lie on my bed alone, crying.

The pillow is drenched with my tears.

Next morning, I walk over to my mirror to take a look at my miserable self, totally a mass.I let out a long

Well, I have to start accepting and living with the reality that my mate rejected me and chose my sister

Suddenly, my room door comes flying open and my enraged father barges in.

"Dad what's..."

Before I can finish my statement he smacks me hard across my cheek and yanks my arm.

"You wicked murderer, first you killed my wife and now you have killed my daughter.You are going to
pay for this.I will make sure you pay for this!"

He says angrily as he drags me out my bedroom, along the long corridor and down the stairs where we
meet other men.

"Dad please, what's going on?" I ask in tears as he hands me over to the group of no nonsense looking
muscular men who grip my arm.

"Take her away, tell Alpha Noah To do whatever it is he desires with her"

My father orders and the men drag me all the way to where I presume should the Alpha's Castle
because of how enormous it looks.I don't even have the strength to fight back as I'm confused about
what is actually happening right now

What did my father mean by I killed his daughter? Why did he call me a murder? And why have I been
summoned by Alpha Noah so early in the morning? What exactly happened while I was asleep that I'm
to be blamed for right now? What exactly is going on? The men drag me into the castle all the way to
an enormous living room where I see Alpha Noah seated on his throne in all his glory with a deadly
look on.

Someone please tell me what exactly is going on.

"What's going on?"

I demand the moment they throw me to the ground.

Alpha Noah rises from his throne and takes calculated steps towards me.

"You scheming hard hearted murderer!"

He scolds with his deep Alpha voice and I quiver in fear.

"You have the audacity to commit such an abomination in my land?"

"With all due respect Sir..."


He roars in anger and I see his ocean blue eyes change to yellow and his fingers begin to transform
into paws but he stops the action "I could end your miserable life right now, but I won't pleasure you
with an easy death.I will make you die a slow, painful..."


I scream and I can feel my wolf take over me.I struggle to push her back because if she succeeds, I'll
rip everyone apart and that the last thing I want to happen right now.

My fingers shapeshift into paws and I look up into Alpha Noah's blazing eyes with mine blazing as well.

"What is my crime?" I ask giving him a deadly stare and he comes closer to me.

"You couldn't bear the thought of me choosing her over you, that's why you killed her.You killed your
Sister Laura "


I cry weakly as I fall to ground "No, I didn't"

"Yes you did.She was found in the forest with bites and scratches all over her body that could only have
been inflicted by a werewolf as strong as you are.You could've couldn't bear to loose her to me so you
attacked and killed her!"

"I did not kill my sister" I cry in agony

"The only wolf I fought yesterday in the woods was a rogue who attacked me, why would I kill my

"I don't have time listen to your non-sense shenanigans.Just know this, your death will be slow and
painful and when you're dead, I'll boil your bones and feed them to the dogs, I will make sure that this
wicked soul of yours burns in hell's everlasting Sulphur! Guards !""

He orders and the same men grab me again by the arm and brutally lift me up.

''Take her to the silver prison and torture her until your hearts content!"