"Take her to the silver prison and torture her until your hearts content!"

He orders and the men drag me away.

I can hear my wolf whimper as she hears our mate order his men to torture us for a crime we did not

Could it really be that I killed my sister? Could it really be that the wolf I thought was a rogue was my
sister? If that was the case then why did she attack me? Why did she want to kill me instead? I couldn't
recognize her because I have never seen her wolf, all my life the only person's wolf I have been
familiar with is my Mentor's wolf.

He's the only one who was allowed to shapeshift before me because he had to train me.

Even my father never let me see his wolf.

This can't be happening.

"Silver Prison"

Those two words ring on my mind and when reality hits me, I start to panic.

Silver is poisonous to werewolves and right now Noah has ordered his men to lock me up in a prison
made of Silver, does he really intend to kill me? The men drag me along a dark alley with shaded
rooms side by side with some having occupants who look horrible.

If that's how he intends to keep me, I might as well just kill my self.

We stop by a shaded room and one of the men open the strong iron doors.

I can already get smell of raw Silver escalating from the dungeon and it makes me sick.

Locking me up in this dungeon is already enough torture.

When the door opens up they throw me in and lock the gates.

"We will be back in thirty minutes.Get ready for the real business"

One of the men sneers and they all leave.

I look around the surroundings and it's indeed made of Silver.I can't let any of it touch my wounds else
I'll be poisoned.I carefully sit at the center of the dark room and curl my knees up to my chest and rest
my head on them.

Tiny sobs escape my lips and I think of how ugly my life has turned out to be.It wasn't supposed to be
like this.

I had dreamed of finding my mate and spending the rest of my life in his protective arms but that didn't

My mate rejected me to be with my sister and now I'm accused of killing her.My mate doesn't only
loathe and despises me but he wants me dead! Maybe letting me out was such a wrong idea.I would've
stayed locked in for the rest of my life and none of this would've happened.I wouldn't have met a mate
who would reject me, my sister would still be alive and I would not be locked up in a silver prison
waiting to be tortured.

How did everything turn out so bad all of a sudden? Moments later, the iron door opens up again and
the same men get in and aggressively lift me up.I don't even have the strength to fight back.

I let then drag me all the way to what I suppose is the torture room and when I get in, I see Alpha Noah
seated at the center of the room.

The men put me down to sit in a chair and have me tied to it.

All I can do is cry and hope that I die in the process.

Soon, more men get in and I get alarmed when I see them dragging my mentor along.

"Arthur!" I scream as they throw him the ground.

He looks badly hurt and I know it's all because of me.

Alpha now rises up from the chair he was seated on and walks over to Arthur.

"He's your partner in crime isn't he"

"Alpha Noah please, let him go.He knows nothing about what happened.Please don't do this"

I plead between sobs and his gaze darkens.

"You're defending him!"

"Because he is innocent!"

"You don't get to decide who is innocent, I do!"

He roars and I quiver in fear.

I have only been hearing about the authority in an Alpha's voice, right now I know exactly what it
sounds like and I understand why people tremble at the mention of the name Alpha.

Alpha Noah's voice can bring down an entire castle.

"Please Alpha, Arthur knows nothing..."

"Still defending the conspirator, finish him!"

He orders and immediately, My mentor is stabbed in the heart with a sword by one of his men.

I watch in horror as blood oozes from his mouth and he drops dead on ground.

Anger, all I feel is anger rising in me.

My wolf, Myla takes over me and I can feel all the hair my body stand erect.

My eyes turn to blazing red and my fingers partially turn to paws.

I rip apart the ropes that were used to bind me to the chair and lunge at the man who just stabbed my

The moment I fly in his body, I take him down and I sink my canines into the side of neck, giving him
numerous scratches on his body.

The others try to pull me off him but I fight them off in no time.

I'm about to lunge at the second man when I'm grabbed by Alpha Noah.

I try to fight him off to avail.

He is a million times stronger and fiercer than I am so he bundles me up in his arms.

"Let me go!"

I scream and bite his arm and that does the trick.

He lets me go.

I bolt out of the room at top speed with his men on my tail.

I can't stay here.

I just can't stay here with these horrible people.

As I run along the feel alley, I stumble upon a rock and fall down and before I can wake up, the men
descend on me and bundle me up again.

I try to fight them off and one of them does the worst.

The next thing I feel is my bone cracking and excruciating pain taking over me.

He just broke my left arm.

The arm that holds my extraordinary strength and powers.

I scream in agony as they drag me to the room where my mentor was killed.

Alpha Noah walks over to me and smacks me hard in the cheek.

"Torture her all day"

Then he leaves.

The Alpha's word remained the Alpha's word.

Ever since he ordered me to be tortured, the men have not stopped.

I have been whipped, electrocuted, almost drowned in turns and all I wish is for death to come and take
me awa y.

My wolf, is devastated and I can't even feel her anymore, I feel like she's dying within.

The thought of our mate rejecting and torturing us affects her more than the way it does me.

Alpha Noah is nothing but a beast! Pain.

Pain is all I feel.

Emotional and physical pain.

Right now I can't stop crying and I don't know if I'm crying because my mate rejected me and now
hates me or because I'm my sister's murderer or because my mentor was killed because of me or
because of the wounds that are all over my body.

Everything is just cramped up in my mind and I am so weak that I can barely support myself up.

My left arm hurts so bad and I swear I don't know if dawn will meet me alive.

This is not the world Arthur spoke about.

He said people out here could be cruel but I didn't think they could be this cruel.

How can my mate do this to me? The iron doors open up and I don't even bother to look up at the men.

All I hope is that they are finally ready to kill me because right now that's all I can wish for.

"Rise up"

One of the men orders and I silently rise up before he comes and jerks me up and hurts my broken

"You are lucky the beta pleaded on your behalf.You are free"

He announces and I snap my head up at him.


"Walk else I'll grab that already broken arm of yours and inflict more pain on it"

J quickly walk out of the dark room and follow them out of the dark building, staggering.

Who ever that beta is, I can never thank him enough for saving my life.

I literally crawl all the way to my father's house.

No one agreed to come close to me or even help me.

Everyone kept giving me scornful looks and I understand why.

They think I killed my sister, their future Luna.

No one believes me when I tell them I thought she was a rogue that's why I fought back.

Till now, I still don't understand why Laura attacked me in that forest.

When I arrive at my father's mansion, the servants refuse to let me in and a few moments later, my
father storms out, looking deadly like never before.

"Dad" I call in tears as he walks closer to me.

I know he has never liked me before, but he's still my father and I am his daughter, he has to believe

''Dad I swear I didn't do it on purpose"

"Kiara, I curse the day you were born! I wish my wife and I never had you like none of would be
happening.I don't care if you have nowhere else to go to, I just want you gone right now.You are not my
daughter anymore.Henceforth, consider yourself an orphan!"

He roars and I fall on my feet as I cry harder.

"Dad please hear me out, I swear I didn't mean for any of that to happen.Please father I have nowhere
else to go to.Don't send me away"

"I don't want to incur Alpha Noah's wrath, so you better leave my premises, get out!""

He commands as he shuts the gates.

"Let me out"

My wolf orders and without hesitation, I let her take over me completely.

In no time I shift shape and when I land on all four legs, I wince in pain as left forelimb crackles.

That's the arm that was broken, Myla doesn't bother about that fact, she takes off into the nearby forest
as fast as she can.I hope she takes us far away from here.

Away from the accusations, away from a father who has never accepted us and away from a mate who
loathes and despises us.

I'm never returning to this pack ever again.