The Alpha's Rejected Heir

Chapter One

Rosalyn pov

"Rosalyn you worthless pathetic excuse of a child I can't believe you came from my womb why can't
you do anything right? I told you better make sure dinner is ready by time I take my bath and get back
down the stairs"......*end of flashback*

Let me introduce myself my name is Rosalyn Parker I'm a were wolf and the mother of a beautiful
amazing 17 year old boy. My life was never the best......who am I kidding it was horrible, my mother
abused me verbally and my brother and father acted like I didn't exist. I always wondered why my
mother hated me ever since the day I was born she always treated me like an outsider to the point
where I thought I was adopted and she was tired of taking care of someone else's child. That would
explain why she treated me that way but my theory was tested and proven wrong and I was left
wondering. However I decided to never ever let my son feel the way my mom made me feel when I
was younger.

I was pulled from my thoughts by a kiss on the cheek from my most precious possession in the world,
my son.

"Buongiorno mamma" (Good morning Mom) said my son Alessandro after kissing me on the cheek

"Good morning my baby boy" I replied with a smile.

"Mom am not a baby anymore you know, can't you find another nickname for me I'm 17 years old" he

I laughed as he scrunched up his nose at the name I called him.

"well... I drawled out, no matter how old you get you'll always be mi bambino piccolo (my baby boy)."

"Fine mom you win but just so you know you're only allowed to call me that within these walls"

"Whatever you say mi bambino now go grab your coat and meet me by the car we're having breakfast
with the alpha and the luna plus, I have to clean out the storage room for the new arrivals before
opening up the café."

Alpha Xander and luna Gabriella have been like my second parents since I arrived in Italy 17 years
ago, I ran into them after my first week here i was out of money and hadn't eaten in a day, they were
kind enough to buy me something to eat. That was when I told them everything that happened from my
mom verbally abusing me to my mate rejecting me and then finding out I was pregnant. After much
convincing they brought me back to the pack house and I officially became a member of the blood
Moon pack.

Everyone in the pack has been nothing but accepting and gentle towards me since I arrived and also
towards Alessandro as well. However, even though we will always have a home at the pack house I
couldn't live there I wanted to be able to fend for myself so a year after Alessandro was born I moved
into our current home not too far from the pack and got a job where i saved money until I was able to
open my own café, now it's a buzzing business and the local spot for members of the pack as well as
humans and some other super naturals. I snapped out of my thoughts when I realized Alessandro was
yelling at me telling me we have arrived, the alpha and luna was outside waiting on us to open up the
café so we could have breakfast.

Breakfast went by very quickly as the alpha and luna were in a hurry, they had stopped by to give us
the exciting news that they were having a child and wanted us to come by the pack house for the
celebration. After they left Alessandro went to school and I cleared out the storage room and got the
café ready for the busy day ahead.

Today was an extremely busy day even more so than expected and after closing time all I could think
about was having a nice hot bath and laying down in my soft fluffy bed to rest. As I opened the door to
my three bedroom apartment I heard my phone buzzing I saw I had a missed call from my brother and
decided to Call him back before taking my bath. Alessandro was up in his room so I told him to heat up

the leftovers in the fridge if he was hungry as I was too tired to cook dinner tonight. I dialed my
brother's number and placed the phone at my ear after the second ring he picked up.

"Hey baby sis how was your day?"

"it was good am a bit tired but I'll manage" I replied.

"Ok make sure you don't overwork yourself though, by the way I have some exciting news".

"What is it" I asked

"well its been a year now since my mate and i have found each other"


I ask wondering where he was going with this, mate is a touchy topic for me and Micheal knows that so
it must be important if he brought it up. I've gotten to know his mate quite well though we've never met.
Such a sweet woman Genevieve is.

"Well... we're getting married!!!" He yelled