The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 26

Twenty-Six: Killian

Killian’s P.O.V.

Natalie looks terrified and confused at the same time. I hated that she flinched away from me, but the
way she was standing up for herself was admirable. There were only a few who had ever stood up to
me, and all of them were the women in my family. My mother, my sister, and my childhood best friend.

She fit right in.

“No one is going to lay a hand on you!” I growled, feeling my beast fight for control, wanting to eliminate
the threat that we had yet to be exposed to. Something made our mate worried for her life.

The anger pouring from her doubled as she reached up and grabbed both sides of her head, shaking it
back and forth as she moved from the chair and began to pace back and forth. “Then why did you bring
me here?!”

My jaw dropped open to yell back, but watching water pool along her eyelids caused pain to form in my
chest, and I reached up and rubbed at the area.

“Joselin said it herself that I was brought here for the battle, that I was being trained so I would be
strong enough to save you! Why else did you bring me here then?” Her chest moved rapidly as she
stopped. pacing and glared at me with her little hands clenched into fists in front of her chest as if she
was imagining wringing my neck.

“No one said anything about you dying. You save my life, yes, but she never saw you *.” I explained as
I stepped forward slowly. Her face relaxed, and her eyes widened as her hands dropped to her side.

“What?” The disbelief in her tone caused a scoff of amusement to force its way from my chest, and I
took another step forward.

“Where did you even get that idea?” I knew Joselin wouldn’t keep something that big from me. She had
never lied to or betrayed me before, and I doubted she would start now. If she did, I would rip her heart.
straight from her chest, and she knew it.

“I…” Her eye flickered back and forth across the ground as if she were reading words that only she
could. see as she thought back.

I had known that when women went through heat, they were more easily triggered. I *that knowing
about the battle before her heat or finding out during her heat, would have caused her thoughts to
spiral out of control. I had seen women be locked up in the dungeons while they suffered because of
their *state.

Most women are marked right away and don’t have to struggle through the heat. Those that do,
reacted similarly to Natalie. Their beasts would control their emotions, and they would have a harder
time remaining neutral.

They would be more possessive, territorial, and sometimes paranoid. But they would also feel positive.
emotions more thoroughly. Love, lust….pleasure.

Just thinking about how wet Natalie had been for me last night, how she had rubbed herself against me
shamelessly, looking for her release had my body tensing, and I glanced at the bed. She had been
impacted by her heat greatly.

But this was exactly what she was talking about. She didn’t need me trying to *her again when we were
finally having a serious conversation. Especially when I couldn’t give her what she wanted after we had
finished. I still didn’t quite know what she wanted. I *she was expecting us to ride off into the sunset
and live happily ever after.

That’s what mates normally did.

But we were different.

“I guess no one did.” She whispered. “Huh. I had thought that… Joselin said there would be a battle,
and that I would have to save you, I just figured that as a human in a battle against vampires, I would

“She did not see you *. She saw you save me.” I shook my head as she turned her back to me and
began to walk further away. But this time, it was me who was not done with this conversation. I pushed
forward, grabbing her hips and spinning her around until her chest was pressed against mine. “Do not
turn your back to me, little one. We are still talking.”

Her eyes dilated as she looked up at me with her lips parted. She was still angry, I knew that. But
having her pressed against my body had me growing hard as images of her *flesh sliding mine last
night began to *their way to the front of my mind.

“So, we are back to ‘little one’, then? Convenient that you call me by a term of endearment when you
are hard,” She whispered as she placed her hands on my chest, sliding one down until she could cup
my *. through my pants. I let out a growl of pleasure at her touch, pushing my hips more firmly against
her. “But then I go back to being an annoyance and a burden when the sun comes back up, and you
are through with me, ‘Your Majesty.”

My control snapped as she released me, and my hand reached up to grab the side of her neck. My
fingers laced through her hair as my thumb pushed her jaw up until she had no choice but to look into
my eyes. She did not have the power here. I did. I would never let her have control over me. That was
why I was distancing myself in the first place.

“Do not tease me, mate. I did not bring you here to *for me, but I did bring you here to be mine. If you
want to be mad at me for my actions and treatment during the day, that’s fine. We will fight about it all
you want.” I bent down and hovered my *over hers. The tip of her tongue gently touched my lips as

she licked her own to wet them.

I felt my *twitch in pleasure against her stomach, and she let out a soft, breathy moan that had me
ready to throw her on the bed and *her until she couldn’t walk. “I can agree to be more civil, mate. But
don’t you dare turn last night into anything other than what it actually was. I did not manipulate you
with. nicknames and kindness, so I could *you. Everything we did last night was consensual and
honest. You wanted me just as badly, if not more, and it wasn’t just because of your heat. You were
laying in that tub moaning my name as you touched yourself before I even entered the room. When I
hold you at night, you rub your pert little *against me in your sleep, letting out these soft *moans that
drive me crazy.”

Her face turned red, and she tried to pull away from me, but I held on tighter, not wanting her to move
just yet. As she relaxed into my hold, I dipped my head down to her neck and took in her scent. Her
desire was thick and driving me wild, and I knew if I were to slip my hand between her legs, I would find
her slick. and ready to take all of me.

“You’ll be nicer? You’ll make an effort to be civil and to treat me better than you have?” She asked as
she cleared her throat and pushed her hands against my chest. I released her this time, admiring the
flush. along her chest, neck, and cheeks as she tried to calm herself.

Oh, beautiful. You want me just as badly. Last night was just a taste of what I could give you.

“I can agree to those terms,” I said as I continued to admire the curve of her lips and the way the top of
her breasts were rising and falling under her tank top as she continued to breathe faster than normal.

Be patient with me… I wanted to say to her but bit back the words. I had given her enough control for
one night. I had given her more tonight than I ever had before. But Joselin and Charlie had been right.
Hearing it from Natalie directly, how much pain I had put her through had me breaking.

I would be kinder toward her but still could not give her the rest of my heart. There was too much at
stake. We would take baby steps.

“There is one more question I want an answer to while we are on this subject,” She said as she
reached up and brushed her hair behind her right ear. Her entire face was bright red from blushing, and
I was positive that I was going to like her question. “You brought me here to breed with me, but you
pulled out last night.”

“That isn’t a question,” I smirked as I watched her thighs press together as she continued to stare at
me. I strode forward, enjoying the feeling of being in control again. Gone was my angry queen, and in
her place. was the nervous woman I had carried home for the first time.

Natalie gasped as I picked her up. Her hands gripped my shoulders tightly as I set her on the bed. She
laid back silently as I pressed myself between her legs. When she didn’t speak or push me away, I
ground against her once, enjoying the breathy moan she let out against my lips before running my nose

her cheek and to her ear.

“Do you want me to fill you, little one?” I nipped at her earlobe as she panted beneath me, her chest
brushing against mine.


Her reply was like a bucket of ice water being thrown over me. It was curt and direct. I didn’t want to
force myself on her. While she seemed like she was enjoying our playful argument with her body
responding as if she wanted this, her voice cut me like a knife, and I stood instantly.

“Understood,” I said, leaving her on the bed as I turned and made my way to the sitting room, wanting
to calm myself before my guards and staff saw me.

I could still hear her breathing heavily on the bed, not bothering to say another word to her as I
accepted her rejection and left the room.

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