The Beast And The Blessed

Chapter 21

Twenty-One: Natalie

Natalie’s P.O.V.

Never once did he let me go that night. He *me in every way possible, making sure to keep my heat at
bay. The mixture of soft, loving, and hard, dominating touches had me curious about what he would be
like when he wasn’t holding himself back.

*had scraped his teeth against my neck countless times during the night, and my breathing would stop
as his tense body held very still atop mine. I wanted him to mark me. It would not only solidify my. place
in the kingdom, but it would confirm my place in *life. I wouldn’t have to question what I was to him. I
would officially be his mate. I would be his queen.

I had also hoped that it would help trigger my shift.

But he never bit down. He never placed his claim.

I moaned as he pulled out of me, *before laying on top of me. The morning sun had just begun to rise,
illuminating the room in a soft glow. I could feel my body returning back to normal. I was exhausted, but
the heat was gone.

*rolled off me and onto his back, one hand on his stomach while the other held his forehead.

I didn’t like the way that he had *down. What had been the best night of my life seemed to be one that
he regretted deeply. His jaw was clenched *, and the hand over his abdomen was in a tight fist.

“*,” I called out softly as I rolled onto my side, lifting my arm to place my hand on top of his fist. He
jerked away from me quickly, dropping his arm to the bed on the other side of his body. I looked up at
his face to see the cold mask had been restored. Only this time, there was a hatred in his eyes that
made my ribs close in on my heart and lungs. “What did I do?”

“Your heat should be over now.” It came out like a statement, but I answered anyway with a nod of my
head. He stood from the bed without looking back at me. “Get some sleep.”

I pushed myself up into a sitting position, suddenly feeling very exposed as I sat *on what he had
declared last night as his bed instead of ours. He was right, of course. The king is always right. It was
his bed, his room, his kingdom. I was just the toy that belonged to him for him to play with.

He had claimed that I was brought here as his mate, and as his chosen mate, I would be a breeder.
Yet, not once did he *in me last night. It told me that it wasn’t part of his true intentions. He never meant
to make me his breeder or to mark me as his mate. He only kept me here so I could sacrifice myself for
him when the time came. Something that I was leaning further away from even considering doing.

He had lied when he said that I was to be treated as his mate and as the queen even without a mark. I
was *to ever dream that I would be more than an omega, let alone a queen.

Without the mark, I was no one. When I died for him, he would be just fine to go about his merry way
and find a new mate. A true mate, whether chosen or fated. He would find someone he could mark and
start a family with.

I glared at his back as he walked into the bathroom without sparing me a single glance, closing the
door behind him and starting the shower.

I wanted to break the door down and yell at him. If I had to guess, he was probably feeling good about
himself, having helped the poor damsel in distress from a night of agony. He wasn’t a hero to me. He
was a *.

If he was going to go right back to hating me, he should have just let me suffer or at least kept it strictly.

physical. The was no need for the way he kissed me, held me close to him, and looked into my eyes.

For all that I cared, we could have just stuck with doggy style the entire night with no talking and kept
any intimacy out of it. Now I was stuck with the false memories of last night and the heartbreak of his
rejection this morning. I *it.

I felt cheap and *.

No mark. No shifting. No mate. No friends.

I had no idea when this war would happen, but based on the recent murder of one of the guards, it was
going to be soon. Without being mated to a wolf or having shifted myself, I wasn’t even sure if I were to
be returned to the Goddess when I died, or if I would be sent to the God of the humans.

I pulled the top sheet up and over my legs, moving my knees up to hide my chest as I sat on the bed.
My stare was locked onto the duvet bundled up at the foot of the bed, where it had gotten stuck,
wrapped around the bedpost.

I felt numb and didn’t bother to look up at *as he exited the bathroom, buttoning up his *dress shirt. It
was just another day in the office for him.

From my periphery, I saw him stop, but I prayed that he would just keep walking. I knew as soon as he
opened his *that he would just make this situation worse. This side of him, the one I had grown to *,
only ever did damage.

“I.” He paused, and I swallowed hard as I felt my anger start to rise. “Natalie.”

His tone hardened as I refused to look up at him when he addressed me. I knew the truth now. He
wouldn’t hurt me. While he was doing a *job pretending to be my mate, he still needed me. I could do
or say anything I wanted.

He could do nothing about it because, at the end of the day, it was me who Joselin saw dying to save
him. I was the one who made it so his heart would beat another day and allow him to crush the spirit of
others or *them if he was so inclined.

I pulled my arms around my knees in a failed attempt to shield myself from him, and the pain I knew his
words were about to cause.

“I really am sorry, Natalie.”

The scoff that left me got lodged in my throat, and I felt myself fighting the urge to cry. The bitterness
behind my statement seemed to take him by surprise as I looked to glare up at him, meeting his hazel
eyes. “You’re a king, *. It’s beneath you to apologize when you don’t mean it.”

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