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Today’s Goal

Today’s goal? Write the fun stuff. I’m trying to make sure the whole book is fun stuff, but since I’m trying to push up from 2k a day to 4k a day, fun is imperative! The nice thing about writing a retelling of Tarzan is that it’s not hard to find a fun way to twist a scene.

Back to jumping on the bed…

Into the Wild

So I’m deep into WILD now, and having the best time. I even made a playlist. It’s more music to keep me writing than music that deeply represents this book. (Though the P!nk song is there just to make me insane because I can’t hit the notes in the chorus without having an aneurysm.)

Let’s see, I’ve got Lights by Ellie Goulding, Ooh La by The Kooks, Muse’s cover of Feeling Good, Ryan Adams’ cover of Wonderwall, the aforementioned P!nk song that I can’t sing, Alex Clare’s Too Close, Tongue Tied by Grouplove, The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes and a bunch of other crap I’m too embarrassed to admit I listen to.

I just need some hardcore rhythm (plus a singing challenge, apparently.)

Things that don’t belong

So here’s an interesting (?) factoid. WILD originally had an OUTBREAK/CONTAGION storyline in it. I thought it made the book high concept. My agent thought it didn’t work. (He was very apologetic about telling me I probably ought to cut a third of the book.)

I was bummed, but I didn’t fight it. My agent is incredibly encouraging when he likes something, and incredibly honest when he doesn’t. When we were talking before I signed with him, he’d have the most reason in the world to be nice to me. But he was still honest enough to say that one of the two manuscripts I had just didn’t do it for him. So I know I can trust him, even when he’s asking me to change something HUGE.

Back to the manuscript, then. I started cutting out the CONTAGION storyline and… it was so easy. It wasn’t surgery at all. It was clipping toenails. The interesting thing is, that was the part that I thought would make the book really marketable was the part that didn’t work. Too much considering business makes for bad art decisions, it turns out.